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  1. SERIOUSLY.There is no multiple unit types in this game.We need multiple uint types.Like tanks and super heavy tanks and other stuff.And where are the ships.Naval combat isn't that accurate.Also why we can't edit countries that aren't custom made in civ editor?And why in civ editor we can't edit other idealogical verssions of countries?We need a idealogy editor too.And WE also need a unit and navy editor.Why max tech is 1.0 in scenario editor?It should be 2.o or it should 3.0 and max tech limit should be 3.0 because 2.0 isn't enough.And Game Editor can't edit vrything.Like GameEditor can't how rules work.Also where is buldings editor.Buidings editor is a important thing.Because building is really important in this game.Alo there ia lot of bugs and glitches.They need to be fixed.
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