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  1. Maybe the game's diplomacy system in AI is bugged, or the game was designed to you do the most of diplomatic desitions, but if the AI can declare war, I don't know why it can't request an alliance or union
  2. Have you ever done any type of crazy union or any random formable country? Please write it down here 😋(❁´◡`❁)
  3. Interesting... Something more that I should write into my notebook... PD: Will be there any way to download the map you have done?
  4. Arlekin100

    Unions limit

    No limits. Literally you can choose Russia, USA, Mexico and Canada as players and you can do a Union with all of them. The hard part is when you try multi union with AI, I can't do a Union of more of 2 countries.
  5. Come on, you can't lie it happened to us atleast one time and become mad.
  6. I don't understood at all. Maybe you can use google translator? #NoOffensive
  7. Lol, you speak English and your game is in Spanish... Also me I speak Spanish, write in English and the game is in Spanish. fukin mint
  8. Hello everybody, this is my first topic that I will upload here. I'll be working on an scenario. It's under development so it isn't finish yet, I would be glad to listen any idea or suggestions from part of you. If you have any question, you can ask me.
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