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  1. I apologise for being inactive on the development! Today ill start developing again! (also I added COVID-19, SARS, and 1 event yesterday)
  2. Its a 30%% chance, only one country that a player wouldn't usually choose to play as has the option. What I mean is it has a 30% to spawn, and the 70% is the chance it wouldn't spawn. And its just for fun, just to spice things up. I'll leak the times it could occur, 2033, 2034, 2047, 2069, 2099, 2122. Any year past 2122 signals you wont get a alien invasion. Thank you for asking.
  3. Added 4 special events: Bad ending (Nuclear war) Disappearance of 10 People in Canada Super rare alien invasion Cure of Cancer, Ebola, and all diseases Nerfed a few events Added 26 events in total (34 events in total if my calculations are correct.)
  4. Federation of Arizona, it’s just states that could declare independence against America, it’s just because I’m adding more rebel options cause in modern hardly any nation except Spain has a different non existent nation core.
  5. Added realistic stats (military and economy) for USA, UK, Germany, Russia. also added different cores like Quebec, Tibet, Wales, Scotland, Brittany, Normandy, Florida, Texas, CSA, California. Updated diseases, added Z-Virus (reference to the zombie virus), and ebola, and updated ideologies, Added technocracy, Absolute monarchy.
  6. READ ME PLEASE This mod was made off of “Evidentials” Modern + mod. I couldn’t find the username or post so I could ask for permission. If your the owner of the Modern + mod with events, I ask you for permission to make a mod out of yours. THIS IS NOT YET RELEASED Expected Features: 100 Events More cores (more rebel options) ✅ More ideologies ✅ More diseases for modern ✅ Features that already have been added: Theocracy Technocracy Absolute Monarchy Liberalism World Company Socialism Nationalist-Social
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