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  1. Excuse my attitude, but what's the point of this background map? Why would anyone play with that? The map is in outrageously low resolution and judging by amount of times you mentioned it on this forum, this feels like a wasted effort. Basically all landscape looks like one tiny texture stretched beyond limits. Frankly if this mod would be better off it was just a separate list of scenarios, and not a megapack. Sorry to say that, pals, I just don't see much of a point in this project, although I appreciate your intentions.
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    Some ideas

    Such scenario would make little sense with the current warfare mechanics, because Paraguay would always lose due to being severily outnumbered, which leads to defeat in turn 1. You would have to nerf Brazil and Argentina to an extent of them being neanderthal. You can still do that though, it sounds like 10 minutes in scenario editor. You can create your own unions so the other suggestion is pretty pointless either.
  3. Welcome, I'd want this thread to be widespread because it containts a potential milestone in the history of the post-release AoC2 development. Łukasz, please do leave a note so I can know you are reading this. Economy in this game is fun but probably unattended by most players part of the game. And it is most likely to stay this way due to the fact, that it is also an extremely tiring process, which requires you to move your mouse like a mad man and click like some furious asian in dota. Let me tell you what you have to do in order to increase Economy, Development, Stability or Happine
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