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  1. Mulky

    Diplomacy not working

    Haha didnt realize!! I get ya now
  2. Mulky

    Diplomacy not working

    Nah i was in 1440 times and playing as Clanicaride(i dont know how to spell it) in Ireland. I cant press Next Turn or go into diplomacy settings. Thats all😂
  3. Cannot enter the diplomacy settings on my country and cannot proceed to nest turn. I've tried starting new games but it is still stuck
  4. I just knew id get this response. I was just saying it cause AOC2 on my S7 is very small with the screen and my iPad would have more screen available thus it would be easier to play the game
  5. Just a question, would the people who bought the Android version be able to own AOC2 iOS free of charge? I know I sound a bit harsh but I did pay for AOC and AOC2 on Android.
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