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  1. will you be able to modify the map in order to put Trieste in Italy? San Marino is also on the border with the provinces of Pesaro and Rimini which are the first in the Emilia-Romagna region and the second in the Marche region. Thank You for all
  2. the dissolution of a previous union is certainly missing. however there is a trick (maybe a bug): if you change the type of government, the name and the flag before the union returns (sometimes even the color of the provinces)
  3. you can release a vassal identical to the nation that joined with you. then release the vassal
  4. Hi guys I'm sorry to report a further problem. I played many rounds with Italy in the Modern World Scenario, creating an alliance with Germany after 2050 shortly after the Netherlands invaded Germany I proposed their union with Italy. Italy (i.e. me) was not at war with Holland. Union occurred. subsequently I (Italy-Germany union) reconquered the territories occupied by Holland after I moved army from the regained territories, I lost control: they returned to Germany ­čś▒ Germany that should no longer exist because merged with Italy !! subsequently I had to play with a "new" Germany that was no longer allied and with a new capital in the "liberated" territories ­čś░ I find this game exceptional, I thank all those who have worked on it and I hope that my every report can be used to improve it. I've already played over 400 hours (also due to quarantine)
  5. i have a pretty irritating problem with saved games. I have created 8 saved games in these few months. deleting one of these, it hasn't deleted anything in the folder, but now I see 7. what I wanted to delete is still there, but another one is gone. how do you manage this list? Why can't I tell the game that I still have 8 saved games? The saved game that I wanted to cancel has the defect that when I opened it it stopped and I could no longer play it. now i have 6 usable saved games, because one freezes and the other is gone ... fantastic game but bad problem management !!
  6. to unlock the archievements use mod Addon+ version:
  7. hi thanks for the work any screenshots to ecourage the download?
  8. in fact for those who do not know Russian it is a difficult task. I personally marked the correct buttons based on the basic version
  9. Goodmorning everyone I apologize as of now for my English I introduce myself here because this is my first post. I have not found the appropriate section and if there was I apologize if I did not do them I would like to report a small problem on the map regarding Italy. both in the basic version of the game and in the splendid mod, I noticed that the south Tyrol is indicated as the province of Trento, while the province a little further south, exactly below, as the province of Rovereto. In reality, South Tyrol (S├╝dtirol in Austrian German) is the province of Bolzano which includes the whole region that was assigned to Italy after the London pact of 1915 with the name of Alto Adige (from the homonymous river that divides the provinces of Trento and Bolzano) therefore the northernmost province, on the border with Austria, is the province of Bolzano, the one immediately below and the province of Trento. Rovereto is a town a few kilometers south of Trento, which is therefore part of the province of Trento. after years of struggle by the Tyrolean separatists, the province of Bolzano has been granted the name of an autonomous province. The languages spoken are are German, Ladin and Italian, but after more than a century, the Tyrolean customs and customs that characterize the region remain https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Tyrol thank you so much for the fantastic work done in mod 1.4 (I haven't seen the previous ones) and of course to ┼üukasz Jakowski for the game In Italian: buongiorno a tutti mi presento qui perch├Ę questo ├Ę il mio primo post. non ho trovato la sezione adatta e se ci fosse mi scuso se non ho fatto li vorrei segnalare una piccola problematica sulla mappa riguardo all'Italia. sia nella versione base del gioco che nella splendida mod, ho notato che il sud tirolo viene indicato come provincia di Trento, mentre la provincia poco pi├╣ a sud, esattamente sotto, come provincia di Rovereto. In realt├á il sud tirolo (S├╝dtirol in tedesco austriaco) ├Ę la provincia di Bolzano che comprende tutta la regione che fu assegnata all'Italia dopo il patto di Londra del 1915 col nome di Alto Adige (dal fiume omonimo che divide le province di Trento e Bolzano) quindi la provincia pi├╣ a nord, al confine con l'Austria, ├Ę la provincia di Bolzano, quella subito sotto e la provincia di Trento. Rovereto ├Ę una cittadina pochi chilometri a sud di Trento, che quindi fa parte della provincia di Trento. dopo anni di lotte dei separatisti tirolesi, alla provincia di Bolzano ├Ę stata concessa la denominazione di provincia autonoma. Le lingue che si parlano sono il tedesco il ladino e l'italiano, ma dopo oltre un secolo permangono le abitudini e i costumi tirolesi che contraddistiguono la regione https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Tyrol grazie mille per il fantastico lavoro fatto nella mod 1.4 (le precedenti non le ho viste) e naturalmente a ┼üukasz Jakowski per il gioco
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