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  1. what bout this?  

    Are you still working on it?

  2. DREAMS OF LOUIS IS MADE FOR THE CONQUERORS II MOD Dreams of Louis is an alternate timeline I have come up with where France and the Versailles alliance win the Seven Years Wars. This scenario pack will include several scenarios based around the alternate history timeline. Scenarios Completed: None Scenarios W.I.P.: 1836 Planned Scenarios: 1877, 1905, 1911, 1920, Mexican Revolution, Paraguayan War, 2000, Modern Day The 1860 Scenario will be released soon, also it will not be in its final form, so check back for updates after its released.
  3. can i help with the mod, i can make some scenarios
  4. its broken now, i accidentally unsintalled AoH and i had this mod, so i came to redownload it and the files provided there are no governments or scenarios
  5. I am currently working on a massive ancient based scenario pack, this new scenario will be about if Napoleon III was a more successful emperor (alternate history).
  6. I can, but you'll need addon plus since most of the nations will be from that mod
  7. Yes we could if you could produce a map to add more provinces to greece and italy so I can do the city states, also a lot of the nations I added are from addin plus
  8. I have started work on a 302 BC Scenario which will include lots of events and nations. I have decided to include multiple ancient scenarios in a scenario package. Other Scenarios Coming: Fall of the Republic (40 BC) Second Punic War (219 BC) First Macedonian War (214 BC) and more I will need help on this project, mainly for the tribes and chinese warlords, everything else should be fine, if you help I will give you a spot on the creator list. Also this scenario uses a lot of Addon plus countries I need a mapper who can make smaller provinces for g
  9. Whacky World WOD.zip
  10. Info: Over a decade has passed since the end of world war one, the Byzantine Empire in which ceased to exist in 1923 is felt as a fragment of history,its old lands are embracing Hellenism, throwing away old Roman traditions, in northern Europe Tensions arise between the German confederation, and the communist French, as tensions boil, will the last Roman states in Anatolia reform their lost Empire? Addon+ Reccomended 1936 (Prosperia Byzantium).zip Stuff I forgot to add lol.zip
  11. Currently the Scenario contains: 2 Brand New Civilizations A map based around the Mediterranean A Small Event Tree for Sparta Planned Updates: Central Europe Expansion African Expansion Event Trees for Egypt,Seleucid Empire,Carthage,Etrsucans,Sparta,Athens,Kent Rome Revival Event Tree Carthage Reigns Supreme.zip
  12. By the way, more Scenarios based off of this will be uploaded, including ww1,1936,1858,1756, and more! They just need some polishing.
  13. Prosperia Byzantium spans 1000 years of history, its what if the Byzantines won the decisive Battle of Manzikert. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V74nnBlurH5typ3i2HSMncEjiAcq1g_J
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