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  1. Project is frozen Why? I got a lot of other activities, for example, I take part in the development of the game, and I lost my enthusiasm for modding. For how long? Until enthusiasm appears
  2. The mod is under active development, and since enough content has already been done, we will periodically upload screenshots of that has already been done. For example, we have already made a large number of events for the Second World War, and they are not yet completely ready. We also prepare events for other scenarios, but so far they are few to show.
  3. I'm happy for them and I'll play their mod but our mod is different for example we have lot of events. And we will make all of the world in future Our discord server: https://discord.gg/aU3jumr
  4. So, now we are making cities. Bunch of them already ready. Thanks to addon+ for city editor
  5. Dear readers of our modRecently, during the development of LBW, there has been a strong lack of developers. Therefore, we announce the recruitment to the development team. To work in our team, you only need a PC and an age of at least 13 years old. If you want to make a mod, but do not know how, then we will teach you.In order to present your candidacy for the position of LBW developer, you will need to fill out a short questionnaire and choose an activity, then provide it to me @George Head in private messages at forum or in discord. Both the profile and the list of vacancies will be presente
  6. I've really tried to make android version, but there are some technical problems so Idk. I'll keep trying to make it but I can't promise anything
  7. We don't publish news about the mod, but it is in active development, so for now we will say what will be in the first beta:1) Map of Europe and North Africa with about 3800 provinces2) Scenarios 304 BC e., 1200 year, 1440 year, Revolutionary France, Victorian era, WWI, WWII, Modernity3) Events for each of the scenarios, except for the Modernity4) A large number of different ideologies5) About 30 formed states, and maybe more6) Localization into English French and Russian7) Fix mistakes in the names of states that made Lukas
  8. Hello! We are going to make an online game in AoC2 with our mod using a remote game together in Steam. It will pass tomorrow at 17:00 UTC at the our discord server in a english voice channel. Required of you: 1) Good internet 2) Steam account 3) Minimum knowledge of the English language. 4) (Preferred) Access to PC We arrange this in order to get acquainted with our community and have a good time.
  9. The alpha version of the mod comes out at the end of next week, so for the time being you can sign up for alpha testing. To sign up, write there that or better in our discord that you want to participate. What will be required of you? Talk about problems, ugly provinces, lack of connection between the provinces, etc. In this version you will find 7 scenarios, events in the WWII scenario, formed countries and more Maybe there will be an android version.
  10. Do we need new music in our mod?
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