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  1. New update: Includes new music, including the 1984 movie soundtrack, anthems of Oceania, and various post-apocalyptic themes.
  2. The Rhine (and other) Valley Civilisation: The year is 5168 AD. With earth's resources dwindling, even mediaeval society has collapsed. Humans have been forced to return to bronze, and base their civilisations out of rivers. The world as a whole in the 52nd century resembles the Middle East in the 22nd century BC. Beyond these nations borders, primalistic tribes and hunter-gatherers have formed, it is uncertain how long it will be until even these civilisations fall. Dark Yellow - Alba, which essentially is a very evolved version of old Oceania. Scottish highlander culture has mixed in wi
  3. UPDATE: Added the American civil war events, and a new balkan war starting in 1990, also fixed some issues with Oceania invading Spain for some reason...
  4. E Pluribus Pluribum: The death of "American Caesar" Joseph Collins sees the remnants of the USA fracturing further, with various generals flocking to Herbert Altshuler's clique, the racial tensions in the south ignited by Robert Shelton, and Joseph's son, Octavian, ambitious yet young, struggling to keep the country together.
  5. not anymore In the new dark age scenario HRE is the "British Empire". Ingsoc evolved into a strange Gaelic religious sect that frequently wars with the anglicized southern Scots.
  6. Me support you mod 1984 post apocalyptic

  7. New map Iberian Civil War and collapse of the Iberian Union events Mostly focusing on Oceania's events at the moment
  8. Thanks, it works
  9. How did you make countries change leaders?
  10. Ok, I'm back, I experimented with making it a Hoi4 mod instead but i decided against it. I instead restarted the mod built on top of Bloody Europe, but using the world map. The recent bloody europe update has some excellent AI and code changes that would definately help with the mod. I've finalised the ideologies, still working on remaking the map.
  11. The year is 1984. The blockade of Berlin resulted in a domino effect of international crises which lead to the Soviet invasion of Europe and total nuclear war in 1951. Europe and North America are sundered - the American Caeser rules the southeast, seeking to re-ignite the American Dream. The Soviets struggle to keep their government afloat, and though communism is a dominant ideology in Europe, the soviet bloc has collapsed and each nation fends for themselves. China, who had stayed out of the apocalyptic war, spread their influence over Asia and seem to be on the way to be the global hegemon
  12. You should make a version of the vanilla game but with all the code changes in this, that would make a great base for mods to be built on.
  13. This changes the years to be based on the North korean calender system, which is based on the birth of Kim Il Sung in 1912. This means modern day is the year 110, and everything before the year 19112 is in the negatives. This doesn't change the year of the scenarios however Ages.json
  14. I'd like to rename the Holy Roman Empire in my mod, where would I find the files?
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