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  1. trainhead1201

    Easter Eggs Thread

    .. British Ikea?
  2. trainhead1201

    Elder Scrolls

    ..? Will do.
  3. trainhead1201

    Age of Elder Scrolls

    That is insane... I thought my own Elder Scrolls map had a lot. Good job.
  4. trainhead1201

    Elder Scrolls

    No worries, the map is done with 103 provinces.
  5. Removing provinces doesn't work, since they are automatically recreated when you reload the map editor.

  6. trainhead1201

    A Greater Europe Map

    Really awesome.
  7. trainhead1201

    Elder Scrolls

    Być może coś straconego w tłumaczeniu, ale co masz na myśli?
  8. trainhead1201

    Elder Scrolls

    Okay, here's the current plan for the provinces. It has 127 in total. .
  9. trainhead1201


    This isn't the place for scenarios, but it's good.
  10. trainhead1201

    Elder Scrolls

    Yeah, I intend to divide the usual provinces into about 30 parts.
  11. trainhead1201

    Elder Scrolls

    Okay, I'll try that. Yes.
  12. trainhead1201

    MOAR provinces mod

    Woah.. thats' awesome. It'd probably kill my toaster though.
  13. trainhead1201

    map ideeas

    I am working on a Elder Scrolls map. Done 10 provinces already.
  14. trainhead1201

    Elder Scrolls

    UPDATE: The map is finally done. Here are the links for the things and how to put them in your game. The Civilization folders: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yE3CkCa0FHAqAHWcWWBxbid6jDX7R4uu?usp=sharing Put these in Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Age of Civilizations II > game > civlization_editor The actual map: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Zl9jf8v-y14diR_CEng8VCT9Lqi2RjJi?usp=sharing Put this in Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Age of Civilizations II > maps Also, in that location, there is a JSON file called Age_Of_Civilizations. In that JSON file, you can see that it contains all of the Map folders. You will need to do the same with the Elder Scrolls map; { Folder: "elderScrolls" }, Enjoy!
  15. trainhead1201

    Map Editor - Keys

    How do I make a new map? Edit: I figured it out.