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  1. You should make a version of the vanilla game but with all the code changes in this, that would make a great base for mods to be built on.
  2. This changes the years to be based on the North korean calender system, which is based on the birth of Kim Il Sung in 1912. This means modern day is the year 110, and everything before the year 19112 is in the negatives. This doesn't change the year of the scenarios however Ages.json
  3. I'd like to rename the Holy Roman Empire in my mod, where would I find the files?
  4. Wrong topic, sorry. I'll post this in help
  5. I'd like to rename the Holy Roman Empire in my mod, where would I find the files?
  6. I'd like to add more but I can't find them anywhere in the files.
  7. This scenario is set in an alternate 1948, after the Axis won WW2. However, the Reich had conflicting interests with Italy and Fascist Britain. In this scenario a third world war will begin within a few months and the fate of europe will be in your hands.. Minor nations like France, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland and Iraq will have events to choose which side they want. The scenario will also rely on the Addon mod, which is a fantastic mod by the way. Coming soon
  8. This is an amazing mod.. especially the WW2 scenario. It feels like Hoi4
  9. There's already a short guide but it doesn't really help much, does anyone know how to use it?
  10. Hey, can you tell me how to use this tool ?

    There's already a short guide but it's far too vague..

    1. Shiite


      Sad that people still play this game, the old guard are gone

    2. ITurkishmapping


      its been months since last time i used this tool little bit forgot how it works.
      im can give u tutorial when i remember fully

  11. Looking great, can't wait to see it finished
  12. I don't see the point, the amount of provinces is almost identical to the regular map
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