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  1. A mod that adds a huge amount of historical content TTA has been under development for 3 months and currently introduces: • More than 40 scenarios • About 1000 states • A large number of rulers • Formed nations • New ideologies • Themed cities • Modified map • Music • Changed interface • And much more Mod ready for 50%. Fully completed antiquity (3100 BC - 476 AD) and almost completed the Middle Ages and modernity. In fact, all game content is remade from scratch. There will be no vanilla rulers, no vanilla scenarios, no vanilla formed nations. We carefully work thro
  2. I did not die, here is the confirmation: Caesar in Gaul - 58 BC In the name of the sun - 3100 BC Two empires - 400 AD There are others, but this is next time ...
  3. The problem is localization. Perhaps Lukash has updated the game. Just throw the mod in the folder with the game again.
  4. Hah, that's what I wanted to add in the future :о
  5. All the same, no one will know that I stole most of the flags of the Rome 2 Total War
  6. I make a global mod of antiquity. You can check it out here:
  7. Yeah, Exactly what is needed



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