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  1. Hey Guys! My friend just published his first video. I would be very thankful if you can check it out!
  2. Great map man! Can you make a map of occupued Antartica?
  3. Hey! Have you released new update?
  4. Hey! Thank youi for commenting. If Hijaz Yemen is West and East part of Arabian peninsula, yes I will add it it the next upcoming update.
  5. thanks for advice. Will think about that!
  6. NEW UPDATE! -Added event where Romania joins Balkan League -Wasteland can't be colonised anymore. -Some minor fixes In the next update I will add leaders.
  7. When are you going to update this?
  8. What is a world without Serbia hahaha
  9. 300 views in 24h WOW Thanks
  10. Lukasz Birtday Party
  11. Chinese New Year
  12. Catholic New Year
  13. Pravoslav New Year
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