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  1. 2 minutes ago, Shiite said:

    Something like that would still happen. Germany would send Lenin to Russia, and bing bang boom CIVIL WAR 

    I read somewhere that Bismarck once said (not sure if i quoted it well) 

    There are 6 powers in the world Russia, France, United Kingdom,  United States, Austria-Hungary and Germany.

    -Be on side where are 3 of them

    -Be on side with Russia



  2. Just now, Chexier said:

    That means the events have auto-corrupted. It's not my fault, since I didn't edit the events. It was working perfectly for me when I tried it. This can happen if you play the game for too long I guess, you will have to re-download the scenario to fix it.

    It happened when I played it first time.

  3. On 1/7/2019 at 6:37 PM, Chexier said:

    For cold war there is 11:59, made by Vis Tactitus. It's the best mod of AoC2 in my opinion, check it out. For WW1, I'm planning on doing it some day now.

    There is already Hyepak WW 1 Scenario which is super. Better make Yugoslav wars or Russian CIvil war

  4. 1 hour ago, Sneaky said:

    The tl;dr version is that this features events, the one currently in the game doesn't.

    Longer version:

    • US controls less colonies.
    • India isn't fully united.
    • China isn't fully united.
    • Germany has different countries within it.
    • Prussia gets an event if they conquer Saxony and Holstein to form the North German Confederation.
    • The NGC gets an event to form the German Empire if they conquer Alsace-Lorraine.
    • Sardinia-Piedmont has events to form the Unified Provinces of Central Italy, and later Italy itself.
    • There's events for Texas to join the US, as well as their intervention in the Mexican-American war.
    • Event for US to get cores of all of the currently-owned US lands. Manifest Destiny.
    • Once it advances in tech enough, China gets an event to fully centralize.

    The maps are similar, but that shouldn't come as a surprise.

    thanks. How you made a Form country quest

  5. Hey guys and girls!

    I made a modern day scenario with Holy Roman Empire.

    Hope you like it. 


    How to install?

    -Simply move modernwhre folder to Age of Civilizations\map\Earth\scenarios


    NOTE: This scenario doesn't include Leader Georg Friedrich of Prussia (ancestor of the Hohenzollern)

    Modern World with HRE.zip


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