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  1. Could you add this photo for Wilhelm II (Leader of German Empire) ?
  2. Why are there two Spains?
  3. There is already Hyepak WW 1 Scenario which is super. Better make Yugoslav wars or Russian CIvil war
  4. We call it Moldavia (in Serbia)
  5. better. Romanians and Greeks are Serbian N1 brothers on balkan.
  6. Hey my Moldovian brother. From Serbia
  7. Great game. Will you ever be able to make territorial changes more realistic?

  8. How can I add form a country quest?

  9. How can I add form a country quest?

    1. MatijaVojnic


      I couldn't find such an option. Are you sure that it is in Game editor?

    2. Sneaky


      Sorry, map editor.

      Map Editor > Earth (4... provinces) > Formable Civilizations.

    3. MatijaVojnic
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  10. How can I add form a country quest?

  11. thanks. How you made a Form country quest
  12. Its cool, but I still don't see difference between this and Victorian Era scenario.
  13. How can I add form a country quest? Greetings to our Turkish brothers from Serbia.

  14. How can I add form a country quest?

  15. MatijaVojnic


    How can I add a form a country quest?
  16. Hey guys and girls! I made a modern day scenario with Holy Roman Empire. Hope you like it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to install? -Simply move modernwhre folder to Age of Civilizations\map\Earth\scenarios ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTE: This scenario doesn't include Leader Georg Friedrich of Prussia (ancestor of the Hohenzollern) Modern World with HRE.zip
  17. Its Lukas here in Serbia. hahaha
  18. Yes. I wanted to make independent Kurdistan and many more seperatist countries
  19. Happy Birthday! Live long!

  20. when will you relase a download link? I wanna participate in beta.
  21. Will you ever be able to fix territorial changes after wars? Borders are sometimes so weird! And why Al(Computer) can't leave war without taking over all provinces of enemy?
  22. Da li je iko na ovome forumu iz Srbije?
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