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  1. 37 minutes ago, Dulmassia said:

    Have you a resumed scenario ?

    for the suggestions:

    - independant Kurdistan

    - Tibet independant

    - Brittany

    - Basqueland

    Yes. I wanted to make independent Kurdistan and many more seperatist countries

  2. Will you ever be able to fix territorial changes after wars? Borders are sometimes so weird! And why Al(Computer) can't leave war without taking over all provinces of enemy?

  3. Just now, Boblik said:

    huh, well I've already done most of my portraits as 88x100 , so I'll just keep it as it. Good advice for the future lol

    because if you add a bigger resolution but with same proportion (220x250 for example) in game photo looks amazing

  4. Hey guys!

    This is my first scenario.

    New Era Scenario!

    -African countries lead by Ethiopia decided to unite into African Union and they became new world superpower.
    -Korean Revolution: North Korean Army made a Coup. Newly formed goverment united with South Korea.
    -Russia annexed Belarus.
    -Russia decided to create a puppet state out of Kaliningrad -> Prussia.
    -Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg signed a Treaty of Brussels. Treaty of Brussels: New country will be named Dutch Republic (Netherland), have Brussels as capital (Belgium) and have Luxembourg dynasty as leader (Luxembourg). Ideology will be fascism.
    -Republika Srpska seperated from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    -Texas, Alaska, California and Hawaii became independent states.
    -Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece splited up FYROM (Macedonia)
    -Catalonia got independence from Spain
    -After Thirty Years' War Scotland seperated from United Kingdom
    -Ireland annexed Northern Ireland
    -France gave independence to Corsica
    -Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana unified into Guyana
    -Russian annexes large part of Ukraine
    -Italy, Greece and Portugal --> Monarchy
    -China annexes Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. China also becomes Federal Republic
    -Japan changed flag

    If you have any ideas please leave a comment. Thanks

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English. I am from Serbia


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