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  1. Nizar Producciones

    Rise of dishonor

    Also you should give their colonies to francoist spain and make independent countries in the rest of africa
  2. Nizar Producciones

    Rise of dishonor

    You could fill the empty land with their rightfull countries also very interesting story
  3. Nizar Producciones

    Kaiserreich , What if Germany won WW1 ? Will peace last forever?

    It will have events, also you should put the civilizations _editor in the documents
  4. Nizar Producciones

    Kaiserreich , What if Germany won WW1 ? Will peace last forever?

    I will be working on updates , what do you think i should put ?
  5. Nizar Producciones

    290 BCE Scenario [Beta 1.8]

    Ancient egypt no , change it into the ptolemaic egypt if there is no in civilizations list , create one
  6. Nizar Producciones

    Kaiserreich , What if Germany won WW1 ? Will peace last forever?

    Well inopia0 , the thing is that in this kaiserreich in WW1 japan was neutral that is why japan is not angry with germany or united kingdom , also remember that the japaneese empire has not declared war to the republic of china yet
  7. Nizar Producciones

    Kaiserreich , What if Germany won WW1 ? Will peace last forever?

    Guys if you want you can ask me for updates and tell me what should i change
  8. Hi i am Nizar Producciones , this is my kaiserreich , in this scenario germany won WW1 , italy remained as central power , Persia helped central powers against russia and gained some land, also germany creates the Central European Union with all its allies in WW1 , their new vassals and new formed countries , USA fought against germany but in the end didnt lose much power , the russian empire was replaced by a new russian republic that is receiving support by the central powers in its war against soviet rebels , germany is at war against soviets , China is at civil war against Tibet and Mongolia and the tensions between China and the Japaneese Empire are not helping very much , USA have very good relations with china and hates japan , but germany have very good relations with japan , china and japan hate each other , Brasil and Argentina have tensions between them , bulgaria gained a lot of land and formed the Third Bulgarian Empire , the four principal countries of the central powers gained colonial territories also ottoman gained a bit of balkan land from greece ; UK , the most of the rest of the defeated countries and some new anti german allies are very angry and they see the new german dominance as a danger for the world so they decided to create the Anti German Coalition , after this , tensions start rising up between CEU and the Anti German Coalition Will peace last forever? Central European Union : Germany , Austria-Hungary , Italy , Ottoman Empire ,Third Bulgarian Empire , Netherlands , Belgium , Albania , Serbia , Crimea , Sweden , Poland , Finland , Letonia , Lower stonia , Upper stonia , Ukraine , Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaiyan , Belarus , Ireland , Shammar and Nechd Anti German Coalition : Britain , France , Portugal , Norway , Canada , Australia , United States of America , British Raj , French Guayana , New Zealand , Brazil , Greece , Denmark and Chile Neutral Countries worthy of mention : Spain (friend of Germany but is not in CEU) , switzerland (always neutral xd) , andorra ( it had to be mentioned , also neutral) , romania (it was too scared of CEU and Third Bulgarian Empire in the balkans so finally remained neutral not as greece that he is too angry with ottoman and CEU to stay neutral) 1545086103102nistehrh.rar
  9. Nizar Producciones

    World War 1 Hyepak scenario Improved

    Hello , i am Nizar Producciones , some days ago i downloaded the WW1 scenario of Hyepak , it was very simple (the only WW1 i saw was Austro-Hungary anexing serbia and the war was over) so i added some interesting things , now it is a real challenge , also i made another germany becuase the german empire literally transforms into weimar republic after 1 turn , i made another ottoman empire becuase original had wrong flag also i corrected some country borders like in sweden and egypt , i tried to make the russian revolution event but it was not possible , please help me in the comments how to add events All the credits of this scenario are for Hyepak becuase he made the most part i only corrected some things 1544964241155bztfsakp.zip