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  1. Sorry but...what´s the point of making tons of scenarios with not so good borders , wrong governments ( scythians a monarchy? really? , they could be tribe or an horde but no monarchy , and finally you make tons of scenarios with not so good quality and no events...i would recommend you to try to make only ONE scenario with events and good balanced instead of making tons of bad quality scenarios , if you make only one very good quality scenario well balanced , historically correct, good borders and many events you could sell it via paypal if you want, please follow my advice , quality better than quantity
  2. Aqui tienes el mio es un escenario basado en la historia alternativa de primera guerra munidial ganada por alemania en su segunda tenporada , este escenario esta muy detallado y tiene muchos eventos basados en la historia del canal de donde viene que es Imperial Mapping espero te sirva y me respondas algun dia Por cierto, este mapa tiene el mundo entero , en el canal de Imperial Mapping aolo aparece Europa pero le puse el resto del mundo que hace mencion a lo largo de sus capítulos de la serie para que se vea mejor
  3. when i put your scenario in my game and try to play it , it shows me ERROR , maybe becuase Ds Store file and civilizations editor file , i am confused, what i have to do with that file and where i have to put it ?
  4. I would suggest historical accurate events that make big civilizations colapse by instability popping up small nations and that small nations being conquered by bigger nations this could apply to seleucid , cartage and maruya) just like every big empire i hope this will help you for example , make seleucid collapse by event and parthia declares war on the small nations popped up by seleucid collapse
  5. Well becuase you show interest and always comment in my scenarios , i thought you could like this idea
  6. Well becuase you always make comments and show interest in my scenarios , i thought you could like this idea
  7. Thanks ¡ n.n , but also notice i put a lot of effort to this scenario...well do you have watched imperial mapping series?
  8. Hi everybody n.n , this is my new scenario , it is about the Third World War of Imperial Mapping (a youtube channel) so if you are fan of him you will love this scenario , it is about the war between The Empire of Great Francia and The Republic of Greater Slavia a war to clean the world from the french spider and his web of Intrigue ¡¡¡ Will you be by the side of the Frankish threat , conquer the whole world and set up a global and uncontested dominance over the whole world ? , or do you prefer to fight for freedom and justice? Decision is yours... Fight as Frankia , Slavia , USA , Austria , Hungary , Venice , Turkey , Serbia , Bulgaria , you can choose amongst all the nations of the whole world involved or not in this war This scenario is made as accurate as i could watching the whole series and the final episodes again and again to have a very accurate scenario of the whole world This scenario includes many events from the war of the series n.n have fun¡ Events for : Frankia Slavia United States Austria Hungary Venice Turkey Socialist India Kingdom of ArabIa Republic of China And more ¡ Replace each folder with their respective name into the respective folders and play 😄 Scenario folder - map/Earth/scenarios/"folder with the scenario" Countries folder - game/civilizations , you should also replace in the civilizations_editor folder Flags of countries - game/flags and flagsH (they are in desktop.rar) Beware wich nation you choose .... some events are for balancing to make some nations to not be stronger than they should be... Have fun with this scenario , i hope you will like it n.n , if there is something to correct please write it in the comments n.n Please give a chance to this scenario i put lots of effort on it NEW UPDATE ¡¡¡ Version 2.0 -Improved event for Romania -Some neutral provinces added to their respective countries -Improved relations between nations : now they are more accurate according to the series -Now naples can form Italy too (before this update only Venice was able to form italy) -Added technology points according to my analysis of the series -Nerf for Second Byzantine empire : -85% economy in all provinces And -45 476 coins ( in the series they were a decadent nation) -Nerf for Socialist India : population : -85% economy : - 40 297 money : -50 476 economy percentage : -65% -Buff for Hungary : more population more money more economy free cores to form Danube Confederation -Buff for Venice : free cores to form italy more money more economy -Buff for Naples : free cores to form italy -Buff for Federal Republic of Germany: free cores -New event for United States: The USA will have to make a decision that could change history on this scenario -Nerf for Arabia if happiness is lower than 65 arabia will collapse -Buff for Republic of China free cores in slavia more military in many provinces more economy percentage more population percentage -Buff for United States more population more military more money more economy -Nerf for Falangist Iberia less economy percentage -Buff for United Kingdom of Britain and Canada more population percentage , +10% more economy , +25% -Nerf for Sweden less population percentage by 10% less economy by 15% -New event for Second Byzantine Empire The Byzantine Dream (free cores) -Nerf for Frankia if happiness is lower than 85 after rebellions , most of its colonies will collapse -New event for Hungary now it can form Danube Confederation -New event for Turkey now it can form Turko-Levantine Union -Improved events for Austria , Venice and Naples -Buff for Turkey : Free cores -Buff for Serbia : Free cores -New event for Serbia : now it can form Serbian Empire -Buff for Bulgaria free cores -New event for Bulgaria now it can form Bulgarian Tsardom -Buff for Arabia free cores -New event for Arabia : now it can form United Arabian States -Buff for Slavia If happiness is lower than 90 , National Republic of Russia if formed ( before this , forming russia was unavoidable) -Fixed bug that made all Frankish allies turn against him civilizations_editor.rar flags.rar 1550348114785pdsjffxl.rar civilizations.rar
  9. Thanks¡ 😄 , well it was based on something from imperial mapping and something from my imagination i put UK with some colonies becuase it did not seem very well for my that UK loosing all his colonies so i remained some colonies for UK
  10. Lucas L en vez de "persian empire" tienes que poner la dinastia safavida (safavid) asi fue en la historia
  11. I will be working on updates , what do you think i should put ? I am working on updates , what other suggestions do you have in mind ?
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