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  1. I dont find the scenario file in your download link it is only one file with code but there is no scenario file , or preview or the other files ... please correct it ...i couldn t play it all this time becuase that error sorry for not telling it before 😞 i didnt had time
  2. can you review my mod too? It was an underrated mod based on the last episodes of a huge war from a youtube channel "Imperial Mapping" , season two of a series of what happened if germany won WW1 , my mod has too many events it is well balanced and it has the entire world , in the series it only showed europe ... but i watched the whole series and i discovered and filled the countries of the rest of the world according to the series ... please give my scenario an opportunity...if you watch the three final episodes of the series season 2 and you watch my scenario you will see the events practically identical to the series ...please give a try , you wont regret Here it is
  3. Very good update!!! The only thing is that you should have not touched Iran In history Hitler have plans to anex Iran and transform it to Persian Empire to recreate this country , becuase according to Hitler , arians were from Persia and he wanted to release this country as independent nation and remain it with his iran territory not achaemenid not sassanian not safavid not afsharid not qajar / kayar only persian empire that is the only thing , after that, this is a great job ! Also i loved when you put my suggestion of the fascist middle eastern country
  4. I am not reffering to lukasz , i am refering to an user of this community that wants to make an Aoc3 like mod
  5. wow , that s interesting , this will be a very good scenario , when your update is finished i would recommend send it to Pantic , he is an user that cares for this community a lot more than Lukasz Jakowski and wants to make an Age of Civilizations 3 and he is looking for people to give scenarios for him and also is looking for modders , i would like to join his PNC team and give him my scenarios and i think you could do the same thing When will be ready this great update?
  6. of course i will enjoy it ¡¡¡ ...well i searched on internet and well ...the turkey thing is true...so well i can live with that ...also that means more power for one of my favourites of your scenario Neo Rome Also if you make the update i would like to play as japan Also i would suggest one last thing....if this is like a cold war make blocks of coutries... The two big alliances of 1948 : Japan's alliance : Japaneese empire , Manchuria , mongolia , siberia , tailand , sinkiang , and that chineese countries ...and maybe india ( india only if you want) The alliance of Grossdeutschland : Nazi germany , Neo Rome , Hungary , romania , bulgaria , francoist spain , finland , the franch vassal , belarus , poland and ukraine dont make germany and russia allies becuase russians are naturally angry with them Change the alliance members according of what you want Also this alliances can be made by events becuase if it is predefined ....well you know what happens when there are big predefined alliances in a game... constant huge wars and that become a bit annoying ...make this alliance control only if you want Finally change the japaneese government to a fascist state or monarchy if you want but it cant be normal japan this is the japaneese empire My favourite countries are : Japanneese empire , russia , germany , india , neo rome and hungary
  7. ooooooooh i forgot about that , i search on internet and what you say it's true...well i would recommend you to correct and give western sahara and also morocco to francoist spain to make it more interesting ... and if you like you can release turkey from neo roma and give turkey some middle eastern land ... also japan should have more chinnese land becuase thats too little in my opinion becuase japan owned more chineese land during WW2 in real life and make ROC a japaneese puppet also you could put the united arabian republic with egypt , arabia , syria and irak becuase in real history hitler promised italy the middle east...but later , some fascists muslims promised to rise up in france and britain's colonies and make an united muslim big fascist state in the middle east ...you only should find "United Arabian republic " in civilizations list and change it s government to fascist ....there is no need to create a custom civilizations for it Also i think Ukraine deserves some more eastern land You can make events but only if you want Also i liked the idea of Neo Rome very much Finally give crimea and some black sea acces more to Ukraine , and thrace for Bulgaria Please make that changes to your scenario and i would really love it and maybe i could promote your scenario in my youtube channel (my youtube channel is in spanish but meh)
  8. oh ... what a pitty ... but this is still an interesting idea ...i would suggest you that you can improve this scenario and gain more downloads
  9. why does japan doesnt own Manchuria and more of the chineese coasts , ? please change that , also spain should own western sahara
  10. this is a masterpiece ¡¡¡¡ you should have more downloads are there any events ?
  11. Sorry but...what´s the point of making tons of scenarios with not so good borders , wrong governments ( scythians a monarchy? really? , they could be tribe or an horde but no monarchy , and finally you make tons of scenarios with not so good quality and no events...i would recommend you to try to make only ONE scenario with events and good balanced instead of making tons of bad quality scenarios , if you make only one very good quality scenario well balanced , historically correct, good borders and many events you could sell it via paypal if you want, please follow my advice , quality better than quantity
  12. Aqui tienes el mio es un escenario basado en la historia alternativa de primera guerra munidial ganada por alemania en su segunda tenporada , este escenario esta muy detallado y tiene muchos eventos basados en la historia del canal de donde viene que es Imperial Mapping espero te sirva y me respondas algun dia Por cierto, este mapa tiene el mundo entero , en el canal de Imperial Mapping aolo aparece Europa pero le puse el resto del mundo que hace mencion a lo largo de sus capítulos de la serie para que se vea mejor
  13. when i put your scenario in my game and try to play it , it shows me ERROR , maybe becuase Ds Store file and civilizations editor file , i am confused, what i have to do with that file and where i have to put it ?
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