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  1. Sami is by far the hardest, basically your stuck between a rock and a hard place that will eventually start to close in.
  2. playing as the Teutonic Order, currently have been at war with the ottomans for over 30 years due to my allies (Denmark and Lithuania, who started the war) not accepting a peace deal when Lithuania has only taken 3 provinces and Denmark has taken none(Denmark is the one rejecting the peace deals). I think there needs to be an option to pull out of these types of wars or make an individual peace deal after a certain amount of time, just my thoughts though.
  3. Arkaine


    It will be harder to ally countries that are enemy's of your current allies, even if you have great relations with that country.
  4. Arkaine

    1000000 CE

    *Any scenario with the glorious Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth makes sense.
  5. start as Russia - release and play Siberia as a vassal.
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