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  1. You are literally right, Why release maps of europe and ww1 while they are already in the forums!!? Also, If he enters the forum every day, he should at least give an announcement of the next update, not just observing... Not good.
  2. all of what he did new in this game add new european map with more provinces... otherwise nothing new. I mean, why we need a new map while the current one is good? what about all of these stupid glitches and bugs? and this so warmonger and aggressive and clever ai? which declares war randomly especially when 1-provinced country?? just to be friendly with +6 countries whatever their name was!?
  3. unfortunately it is true. ;(
  4. Oh well, I thought it would look like the one intended in the game. But anyways.
  5. marksameh

    Um wtf

    Ok pardon my ignorance, Lukasz.
  6. hmph I searched for savanna in brazil and I found this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerrado game seems to be correct about this one.
  7. marksameh

    Um wtf

    Excuse me? Once before there was batman, Now There is mercedes! Nice!
  8. I know it is meant to be simple, but, at least we need some sense of realism...
  9. Also some provinces in this game have got 100% growth rate and are deserts. Like Cangzhou and Baoding and Jinan, These provinces are deserts in the Eastern Coast of China, south of beijing, Which makes no sense cause China has got no desert in the Eastern Coast, And in reality they are not large cities at all. Also Sariwon and Wonsan as you are talking about them, are also 100% and deserts in Korea, Same goes to Madagascar. 2 provinces with 100% growth rate are deserts... Also the most pissing thing in this game is the middle provinces of India... Deserts??? like wtf?? India has never got dese
  10. I will show you how much insults I get from the ai from 2 different difficulty options today. On 400% ai aggressive btw. 1- beginner difficulty 2- legendary difficulty this proves that legendary difficulty is somehow easier than the beginner difficulty. like wtf? why? because, when there are too much suspended relations, this means more coalitions, and in return, more wars. so why TF is legendary more peaceful than beginner and the ai doesn't focus on me too much on legendary than on beginner difficulty? on a side note: both difficulties have got difference on income: beginner ha
  11. Nope it didn't, it actually joined the war.
  12. Yes it works on pc too. but only for the current game as you said.
  13. First do you even have java...?
  14. Weird, that never happened to me..
  15. First of all, start a new game, now go to options in the bottom left corner of the game, scroll down until you find "spectator mode", it will let you observe the ai without you playing.
  16. As i think that there was a update from 1 month ago, there is still hope that Lukasz will still update the game, so I have got a suggestion that would improve the game, now as you see, some provinces have got no name, so it appears as fokus and on any map mode as " ", and provinces that have got this can't be clicked if they are the largest city of the country/civilization, e.x. Look at Cameroon, now look at the province that is in the north, you will see that it has fokus name and " ", now when Cameroon's captial city has low pop like 10k-20k, this city could be its largest, if it is n
  17. I think it is too late for ya mate... you are being reported so not even this will solve all of the problems you are facing rn. even taking permission from those who you stole their scenarios and ideologies and maps and changing the ripoff name Right NOW won't fix your deeeeeep problem..
  18. I literally agree, it is nonsense and stupid when he says you can get permission through this way.
  19. Hi, this is my first post in this website, I'm still new to this website. Also sorry for posting in an old thread but i wanted to say the things that are also annoying to me in my opinion, those insults, why the hell the ai suspends relations even if we have got good relations??!! this truly pisses me off, especially vassals when they suspend relations at the beginning of the game, e.x. set the difficulty to legendary and aggressiveness to 400%, now spectate italy, look at how much that country gets insults from, tanzania, mozambique, france, germany, turkey, algeria, uk, bosnia, bulgaria, eve
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