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    Some one should write a code or program to convert SVGs into Mapfiles for AOCII, would save a hell of alot of time making maps.
  2. @memososisi Not at this present moment, I must do more work on it and i will release a preveiw for you to review by hopefully, Febuary.
  3. Those claims are strenuous However he has stolen content which he has no right too. I demand that the honorable gentlemen makes a Public apoligy to those who work he has stolen and that he takes down this mod and either redoes it as his own work or gets rid of it!
  4. Uk Election Map This mod is gonna be an map of UK constituencies, I am hoping to release it in march and i might release a pre-release version once i have finished england. UPDATE unfortunatly the file i was working on has stopped working, that is not to say i will stop working on this but it wont be done for a while. I also have a new idea on how i could do this which might include more that 2000 provinces but i would need to find a high definition map of all wards within constituencies meaning that i could create a much more complicated map. Discord: https://discord.gg/JT5MuY
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