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  1. I've spent a good time on the game. Do you think I'm capable of modding?
  2. I've tried that with Kongo. First I builder a medium army and captured Malta and Cyprus. After that it's all easy.
  3. Id also add 2 more suggestions: 1. Succession Line: This applies mostly to the medieval scenario but I'd think it would make things more interesting if the kings of a nation succeeded one another, as in real life. Interregnum should be added too. 2. Siege mode: You invade a province, siege it down with all the effects(starvation, water shortage), and after 10 rounds you're able to capture it.
  4. Don't worry man, my post itself didn't got lots of viewing. This one contains more details. I like princedemchugdongrub's idea.
  5. Hungary is a nice starter too I think.
  6. Make canderra the capital and the Austrian flag as the national flag
  7. Peace negotiations. In the war reparations I would like to see and choose how much will the loser is going to give to me.
  8. Do you think it would be cool to add religions on the game? Something like the population percentage.
  9. 1683 scenario, 1942 scenario, cold war scenario, Alexander the great scenario and crusades
  10. I guess you should add the game's map in the background. Like the website
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