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  1. I want to create a scenario in " Modern World " where rebels appear in Egypt's capital then in the neighbouring cities then take down dictator " AbdulFatah Al-Sissy " & gain control over the whole country how to set events to do so !??!!?
  2. it's cool ! but you forgot to put Armenia .. even it's iconic that Sultan Abdulhamid was called the armenians-murderer in the zionist propaganda declared on him
  3. Poland is blessed now <3 thx a lot will see it!
  4. it needs to know how governments.json works .. & you need some knowledge about Islam I think I don't have both haha
  5. it happens only when I play AOC2 I use some wireless mouse but it works fine with my pc it never be like that until I play the game
  6. hey guys so why tf my mouse cursor sometimes sticks to the screen ? after I play the game for about 5 mins the mouse cursor just sticks like gum in the screen & when I move it doesn't move with me thx all ❤️
  7. Hey guys so I really wanted to play a scenario when Sultan Abdulhamid II hasn't been isolated by Committee of Union and Progress But I faced some issues like ... the map of the world .. the countries this of this era ?! so If any turkish supreme leader can create 1 it will be lovely TO MAKE THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE GREAT AGAIN <3
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