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  1. How is the mod going ? Will it finish before 2022 ?
  2. Are you finnishing mod ?
  3. Serb

    Hearts of AoH2

    Take your time, dont rush new map.
  4. Serb

    Hearts of AoH2

    In new mod could you make rivers be like in Bloody Europe 2, physical and not just texture ?
  5. How many days/weeks to release Suzema?
  6. Where to download 0.15 version and you should remove rivers since they are ugly.
  7. You should add all flags, names and ideologies of civilizations of addon+ mod, it would add a lot of variety to this mod.
  8. I am too as you can see by my username.
  9. When i create civilization in civilization editor can i make different flags if my civ is democratic,monarcist,etc or my civ only has one flag?I am on android by the way.
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