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  1. How many days/weeks to release Suzema?
  2. Where to download 0.15 version and you should remove rivers since they are ugly.
  3. How is progress going?
  4. You should add all flags, names and ideologies of civilizations of addon+ mod, it would add a lot of variety to this mod.
  5. I am too as you can see by my username.
  6. When i create civilization in civilization editor can i make different flags if my civ is democratic,monarcist,etc or my civ only has one flag?I am on android by the way.
  7. I dont think that this is very important but it would be nice if that river was "fixed".
  8. Can you show us how does Vichy France look like?
  9. That would be great but it would be made for more than one year and only some great computer could run it, it would have atleast have 20000 provinces,probably more than large majority of strategy games.
  10. Hey you could use Omniatlas to help you with some maps.
  11. How is progress going?
  12. If you are Polish nationalist why do you want to give Transilyvania to Hungary so much? Majority of people there were Romanian/Dacian for millennias.
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