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    Serb reacted to LaFinchy in Giant World Map Mod   
    Getting closer, I finished the Analanjirofo Region.
    province count of 203

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    Serb reacted to Lipark Japanese modder in Black style AoH2 Map   
    There is weird bordor line 
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    Serb got a reaction from Big fan of Keremz in Dark Europe (Hoi4 Mode)   
    Are you finnishing mod ?
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    Serb reacted to orcacraft888 in Project Colon   
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    Serb reacted to RaiderKnight1023 in Project Colon   
    Bet this scenario will Lag like a mother fkr and take over 10 hours to download lmfao
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    Serb reacted to Chairman Baad in Why is pepe a leader   
    For the great nation of Kekistan.
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    Serb reacted to Firat_050 in Dark Europe (Hoi4 Mode)   
    we don't steal ideas, bro. When the mod comes out, you will examine it, if anything happens, you can write to me. Discord: Fırat Samet Avcı # 6842 
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    Serb reacted to Kerems2434 in Dark Europe (Hoi4 Mode)   
    Thats Fırat's alt account. We argued about this topic a few days ago with Fırat. And now, he is opening some alt accounts for show us like "AoC2ModdingTR fan". A stupid plan 😕
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    Serb reacted to AOH2MODDER in Dark Europe (Hoi4 Mode)   
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    Serb reacted to lukasgame in Dark Europe (Hoi4 Mode)   
    You take care of Aoc2moddingtr and make mods. Thief, wannabe.
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    Serb reacted to lukasgame in Dark Europe (Hoi4 Mode)   
    İf you think you're going to rival Aoc2moddingtr, you're wrong. You don't even know how to play the game. THİEF
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    Serb reacted to AoHer777 in Hearts of AoH2 (Mobile link attached now)   
    Don't be happy((( there'll be 15k+ provs and if we protest i think we can reduce it to the 10k as maximum
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    Serb reacted to Simon Wilford in Hearts of AoH2 (Mobile link attached now)   
    looking back at the thousands of mistakes in this rushed map, the new redo is the only way out. fixing would take 4x the time.
    By the way, the new map has 171 provinces done yesterday, and today i will start convert to android.
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    Serb reacted to Vexodym in Hearts of AoH2 (Mobile link attached now)   
    Good map, but the way Venice is placed completely destroys the province of Veneto in northern Italy. Verona and Venice shouldn't be that close.
    Also, placement of cities is wrong. Major issue for me is how Louisville is placed in southern Indiana instead of Kentucky, as well as the placement of many various other cities around the world. 
    I agree with a future redo of this map. 
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    Serb reacted to Tinu2048 in Hearts of AoH2 (Mobile link attached now)   
    Some cities are put in wrong provinces, like Targoviste and Odessa.
    Even the capital of some countries
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    Serb reacted to Stallander in Hearts of AoH2 (Mobile link attached now)   
    The UK was called Kingdom of Great Britain in the 18th century: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Great_Britain?wprov=sfla1
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    Serb reacted to Simon Wilford in Hearts of AoH2 (Mobile link attached now)   
    i have to admit something. europe has the worst borders since i was new to modding aoh2 when i was making europe especially west russia and yugoslavia
    some areas like yugoslavia, caucasia, mexico and fergana are so crappy that real world borders of uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan and tajikistan cannot align up properly.
    therefore, from 2 to 3 days later, i will start on a new remade map, called Hearts of AoH2 Remade with the best province sets to align with eu4, vic2, millenium dawn, etc...
    this is because i have did so much bad provinces in yugoslavia and fergana and west russia and baltic and monaco and caucasia and what not
    this new mod is related to this old mod in the same way world+ is related to project alpha (the 1st one is inferior, the 2nd one to be better)
    this time, i wont rush it, for rushing caused bad provs.
    this time it will use no other mod's content except for my own mods
    after february, maybe on march the new map would come.
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    Serb reacted to Kerems2434 in Bloody Europe II | Thawed   
    Congrulations, really great mod! 
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    Serb reacted to Suzema in Bloody Europe II | Thawed   
    Release of new version of Bloody Europe II - 1.0.
    Whats new:
    -New map - Bloody Europe 2.0
    +4434 provinces(4321 land);
    +462 formable civilizations;
    +60 scenarios, historical and alternative, global and local (years are shown for global scenarios):
    Bronze Age;
    Ancient Greece;
    First Punic War (264 BC);
    Pax Romana (5 year);
    Pagan World;
    Division of the Roman Empire (395 year);
    Charlemagne (769 year);
    Northern Invaders;
    Otton the Great (936 year);
    Themes of Byzantium;
    France 1030;
    Emirs of Taifas;
    The First Crusade (1099 year);
    Angevin Empire;
    The Third Crusade (1187 year);
    Medieval Baltics;
    The Fourth Crusade (1204 year);
    Feudal Madness (WIP);
    Ruthenian Principalities;
    End of Arpads;
    Hundred Years War (1337 year);
    The Golden Bull(1356 year);
    Fall of Serbian Empire;
    Fryske Frijheid;
    Rise of the Ottomans (1444 year);
    War of Roses;
    Pugachev Rebellion;
    Eighty Years War (1579 year);
    French War of Religion;
    Ottoman Eyalets;
    Thirty Years War(1618 year);
    English Civil War;
    War of the Spanish Succesion (1701 year);
    Seven Years War (1756 year);
    Historical French Regions;
    Victorian Era (1836 year);
    Franco-Prussian War (1871 year);
    Cantonal Rebellion;
    Before the Storm (1912 year)
    The Great War (1914 year);
    Russian Civil War;
    The End of the War to end all Wars (1918 year);
    Kaiserreich (1920 year);
    Apres Moi Le Deluge (1936 year);
    Civil War in Spain;
    World War II(1939 year);
    Cold War (1957 year);
    Yugoslavian War;
    Holy New World (2018 year);
    Modern World (2020 year);
    Religion Wars;
    Ethnic Wars;
    Regional Wars;
    Battle of Titans
    -New scenarios at German Empire map:
    Westfalischer Friede (1648 year)
    Franzosische Revolution (1789 year)
    Despite the enormous work that has been done, it is still not enough. There may be flaws in the mod, errors, bugs that will be fixed in future updates. The more errors are you found, the faster a new update will be released that will fix them.
    Have a nice game!

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    Serb reacted to Tinu2048 in Bloody Europe II | Thawed   
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    Serb reacted to Basileia Ton Rhomaion in Bloody Europe II | Thawed   
    One more day until we experience this masterpiece
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    Serb reacted to Anglo-Dutch in Unoriginal modders   
    time for a fucking crusade
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    Serb reacted to Leeb in Unoriginal modders   
    Yes this is not funny, stealing the work of someone plus they worked  on it.
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    Serb reacted to ITurkishmapping in Unoriginal modders   
    Kill them all
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    Serb reacted to Basileia Ton Rhomaion in Unoriginal modders   
    Due to quite the backfire on a topic made months ago I will change the name doubt I'll be forgiven but one thing won't change about this topic is that we need to make sure that unoriginal modders are dealt with.
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