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    Dominic The destroyer got a reaction from Italian PeC in Age of History II : The Second Great War mod by Italian P&C 🎆VERSION 1.1 JUST RELEASED🎆   
    I can see this blowing up when it is released
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    Dominic The destroyer reacted to SES in Old Civilizations Blues - A Fallout mod for AOC   
    Another dead mod 😞
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    Dominic The destroyer got a reaction from player in The New Order mod - 1.0.73   
    Can you make all of the European nations leave the alliance? I kinda don't like it when Poland conquerors all of bohemia and Slovakia
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    Dominic The destroyer reacted to Aryan in The New Order mod - 1.0.73   
    A mod based on The New Order mod for Hearts of Iron 4.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/89BpAWjDGM
    AI Aggressiveness: 0 to 50 percent (Prevents extreme border gore)
    Fog of War: Classic
    Android: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17pm6gLmh7TAWgGhZv427O-sL2ozesj8j/view?usp=drivesdk
    PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18-qefQkysew7EIJv71ndDCdIJfiPr7l8/view?usp=drivesdk
    TNO AoH2: Broken Pedestal Patch 3 - 1.0.73 has been released
    -Central Asian regime changes added
    -Full unification in Moskowien Warlords
    -Peaceful unification between WRRF and Tyumen and Komi Left and Tyumen added
    -Petlin and Nikita's takeovers added
    -Russian Reunification added for Zhukov, Tukhachevsky, Petlin, Matkovsky, Mikhail, Nikita and Rodzaevsky
    -Some strange reports are coming from Burgundy and Siberian Anarchy
    -Reworked Ideologies and Subideologies, starting nations now have correct subideologies in pc. And also new Subideologies added.
    -Added 70s Portraits to some Russian Unifiers
    -Portraits for Speer's Eastern Europe added
    -HMMLR skeleton content added
    -200 new overlays for civ editor thanks to @Dumb Gamer on Discord
    -Ireland content fixed
    -Fixed some Portraits In-game
    -Levant and Gulf leaders added
    -Changed the size of some UI elements
    AoH2 TNO 1.0.72
    Android: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xaBnBVPT48tVVA5KovKXBe66gSvqqI1r/view?usp=drivesdk
    PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xdsjPuIMUZjToxefBppJIEJ7Ft2fORr9/view?usp=drivesdk
    Discord member Denik's Music add-on: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1FokqK5yWjb8at8Qc0QhFDD9Md9bfd027
    TNO Aoh2 Update 1.0.7: Broken Pedestal 
    ✢Reworked nations: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, Azad Hind, Thailand, and Manchukuo
    ✢Added events in Japan, Guangdong and some nations in Central America
    ✢Full Russian Unification for Bunyachenko, Oktan, Kaganovich, Khrushchev, Zylov, Stalina, Katushev, Yakovlev and Omsk. The others will be added in the bug fixes in the next few days.
    ✢Updated Portraits
    ✢90+ Subideologies Added
    ✢Speer Events: Fascist, Authdem and NatSoc
    ✢Added Ukrainian Civil War, Kaukasian War, and Moskowien Dissolution
    ✢Added Italian Elections
    ✢New User Interface
    ✢New City Names
    ✢Some Other Minor Changes
    ✢Russian now works. Russian countey names added (Probably innacurate. I used Google Translate. People who actually know Russian are helping fix that)
     This scenario served as the base of my mod so that I didn't have to draw the borders from scratch. It also had events till the German Civil War and South African War.
    The ui sounds and older map background are taken from Project Imperator, a now discontinued mod.
    The creator of an Equestria at War mod, Dmitry Bunt told me how to set min ai aggressiveness to 0%.

  5. Sad
    Dominic The destroyer got a reaction from Taschip in Old Civilizations Blues - A Fallout mod for AOC   
    Where link at
  6. Love
    Dominic The destroyer reacted to Brawlboi in Old Civilizations Blues - A Fallout mod for AOC   
    Could you make a --- download like google drive because I can't  open the rar file
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