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  1. in version 0.2 already has Mongol Empire, Russian Empire, Great Colombia, Qing, Empire of Brazil and many others already. Thanks for the sugestion!
  2. MiniOn+ | Version 0.2 Hi! If you are here there is a high chance that you have already seen the canceled mod "MiniAddOn +". however I didn't give up on creating the omod I always dreamed of on my favorite game map. The reason I canceled MiniAddOn + was because I wanted a unique mod, not a simple AddOn + parody, so I invested time and created a new version, this time without the AddOn + mod. Well, here it is, MiniOn+. A mod to improve the old AoH1 map with few provinces, it is one of my favorite maps and I’ve never seen anyone make a mod about it so I did that, the mod is in version 0
  3. olá, eu creio que pelo menos alguns devem me conhecer (ou não, não sei), pois bem, estou começando um mod no aoc2 que vai ser "alternativo", procuro pessoas que sabem fazer/modificar os/as mapas, provincias, bandeiras, musicas de fundo, etc. Sobre o projeto que vou fazer, é um mundo alternativo, todos os paises possuem eventos e historias complexas, de inicio, a meta do projeto é ter pelo menos 2 cenarios apenas e ambos vao ter varios paises diferentes e com eventos em todos os paises. Se Você se interessar pelo projeto, por favor, entrar em contato pelo server de modder no discord (
  4. Because I want to start a new mod, besides, I am not allowed to use Addon+ : p
  5. Attention! Now "MiniAddon +" will no longer use "Addon +" as a basis, which means that some governments and countries will NOT be present in the MOD anymore.
  6. I will make the download of the Mini Addon + available in a few weeks! I'm trying to adapt for mobile.
  7. I'm testing the game, I'm having fun unifying America at Kaiserreich! ^ - ^
  8. it is very likely that I will finish some new scenarios today. THE NEW KAISERREICH ( Kaiserreich with some changes ) Brazil ( Yeah! ) and much more!
  9. I'm doing some details like formidable civilizations and some scenarios like "Red World" and "Kaiserreich", besides, I want to create an expansion for "AoC1 europe" too.
  10. Hello everyone, everyone knows the amazing "Addon +", but I was playing that AoC1 map and I thought, it would be cool if they expanded Addon + to the aoc1 map. What's new? -The same governments as Addon + -New maps for AoC1 map (World War I, World II, the New Hitler's Vision and others) -New Countries -New Map That's it for now.
  11. Note: I Use a program that converts images into provinces.
  12. The map is already being created ... at the moment the map has Uruguay, Paraguay and half of Brazil. At the moment the map has 37 provinces. (I will add some more over time ...)
  13. notice: the map is under development ... any suggestion is welcome!
  14. Hello, some time ago I had made a topic on a map that has less provinces. Maybe I'll make the map... this is it: Exemples:
  15. Here is the scenario of World War 2 on 1500 Provinces map
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