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  1. I'm pretty sure Lukasz said he stopped adding to the game. As for why, he is probably burnt out for working on the game for so long, as he is a solo developer.
  2. I haven't played it because I can't download it, I wouldn't add a mod to the rankings unless I have played it.
  3. It's for the most part incomplete, sorry your mod didn't make it on to the list. I may do an update on these rankings and maybe your mod will make it
  4. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-JfRq5tESjD3s1RDwdu8thD_i7tiH6wS/view
  5. 1. The Great War By the Best A lot of people don't know this mod, but it has very high quality. PROS: Capitulation system Lots of cool events Good sound effects CONS: Even if Germany loses WW1, they still get Eastern Europe as puppets from the Brest-Livtosk Treaty, which didn't happen in real life. UI is a little wonky 2. Addon+ PROS: Lots of scenarios, even cool "what-ifs" and scenarios from the future. Great Graphics Lots of new music and formable civilizations CONS: It can get boring quickly , there is no eve
  6. Border gore is a very common thing in Aoc2 for many reasons. Incompetent and illogical AI and unrealistic peace treaties to name a few. Most of the time you can deal with the gore but sometimes, it gets out of hand. Take a screenshot of one of the most gory border-gore you've seen and put it in the comments. Here's one of mine:
  7. Random Guy111

    the music

    Turn up both Music and Master volume, the music would turn on then.
  8. If you're an Aoc2 player, you wonder, how good am I compared to other players. You will find out here! If you can, please post a screenshot of the best empire you made! Here's one of mine (I'll add more overtime):
  9. Lukasz doesn't devolop the game anymore, he officially left last year. It's the game's board to decision to update or not.
  10. Random Guy111


    Disclaimer: I know Lukaz left a year ago, the suggestions don't have to be taken and it's just my opinion. If you get mad about it being unrealistic, don't comment, just leave. 1400: Small nations shouldn't colonize as easy as great or secondary powers. Make it easier for Russia to form. Napoleon: Add the rest of the world into the scenario instead of just Europe. Add spheres of influence (not just vassals) and be able to form nations with them without conquest (Germany, Italy etc). Britain should be stronger Victorian Era: Qing shoul
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