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  1. Well I Will Make It As Wasteland But Can U Get Me Another Map? Well I Was Trying Create One Province, Worked But Other Province Was Failed
  2. yes World Map V2 = More Provinces And Antartica
  3. Hey Today I Come With A Idea And That Is: Make A Larger World Map On Aoc2 Can U Send Me Maps Well The One I Found For Now Is This Note: The Map Need Have Antartica
  4. l9l
  5. Happy Day This Are The Second Month Of Aoc2!
  6. Make Dragon Ball Z And Super Map
  7. U Won't Know Sengoku "A SECRET MESSAGE" SON GOKU
  8. Łukasz Jakowski can u add a history mode on aoc2 like u active the history mode on the game and the game go on history  like for example: Usa Will Get War Or Civil War On Uk And if u desactive this the history go alternative please add my idea!

  9. with this country vatican will have 29 Provinces And Russia 9569846459678679567
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