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  1. as expected. i gave up, but ill give the project files + the map editor 2 for you guys to finish. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3taycoe2qry2g16/Earth_Project.rar/file
  2. while i make the map, can someone try to make a background for it? of the world, this is the image i use https://www.deviantart.com/dinospain/art/Q-BAM-Basic-World-Map-V-3-2-660539748
  3. lol months with no reply, and yeah this map is actually good
  4. Sorry for dissapoiting everyone last time. this time if i not complete. i will give for someone that never give up. so the map will be finished
  5. i will. sorry for dissapoiting everyone on just abandoning the mod.
  6. sorry for dissapoiting you all for not completing my project.

  7. ill be working on a secret project, hello again..

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