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  1. Done Schleswig-holstein, Hamburg, Bremen That Are The Tiny, Hamburg The Large Tiny (The Third One Is Berlin In The Center Of Brandemburg) Done Saarland and rhineland-palatine.
  2. Dissolve union not possible, not even if u win a war agains't a union country like austria-hungary and lets see bundle to see what unactive things lukaz had.
  3. 500 Provinces i don't know, i think after uk and ireland i can make liberland and then other countries on europe i will start focus on south and north america when i done europe and north africa and (ALGERIA AND TUNISIA AND MORROCO) are HARDEN to make but i guarante i will make your bolivia.
  4. done saxony anhalt, pomerania and other.. Hmm looks familliar
  5. can be, uk is easy i will add a bit more provinces on the two
  6. done state of brandemburg and berlin and yes. i divided berlin in 3 for historical porpuses
  7. ok. it will be harder than koreas but i will make german empire provinces, see my flag
  8. after i done korean peninsula, what country u want me do/state?
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