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  1. Something is quite annoying is when assimilating, when you click on the Assimilate >> button, it only gets you to the next province to assimilate if it is under 50 percent stability. This should be solved so that it got you to the next province if the province is below 100 percent stability OR has another culture.
  2. Where are u? Last time online - January 31? Are you developing something important about the game or whatever? If you are so, you could at least login and tell us

  3. I know what you say. I had a crazy game in which I put goods to 50 percent and then afk for 18000 turns. Well, when I came came back, the world’s population had only gotten up to 460 million people. I think that depending of the population you have, this should grow quicker or slower. Example - Porto has 100% population growth and it has 50 thousand habitants. 50000 / 1000 = 50. So it would be x ( population growth) + ( y (habitants) / ( x * 10) ) Also, depending of the era you are in, population should grow faster or slower. Example, in the dark ages the minimum goods are higher and
  4. Improve relationships to 80, have the same type of government and have a strong economy / army.
  5. It is easily crackable because it's made in java. It’s too basic, not built in any game engine. This affects graphics and performance as seen in other games like this (Minecraft) and limits it's possibilities.
  6. Please dont insult in my christian channel. I understand portuguese 😉
  7. Forgotten Battles Version 1.0 Components of mod: - Scenarios - Formable_civs - New Civilizations - New music - New provinces This mod brings you the possibility of fighting many important wars in the story of humanity. You will be able to fight in the Spanish War of Succesion, the Spanish Civil War, the Battle of Marathon, the Battle of Hastings, and much more. The mod will be available in Steam Workshop, I will try and get it there as soon its released and as soon as possible.
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