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    Peterux got a reaction from ImperialistSouthBrazil in How to make allies more easily   
    Improve relationships to 80, have the same type of government and have a strong economy / army.  
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    Peterux got a reaction from stinalcawha1970 in How to make allies more easily   
    Improve relationships to 80, have the same type of government and have a strong economy / army.  
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    Peterux reacted to ElTioViktor in Escenario de la Actualidad,pero con las regiones que se quieren idependizar independizados   
    El 2019, pero con las regiones de cada país que se quieran independizar. Ejemplos: Cataluña y País Vasco en España en Italia Padania, en Canadá Quebec en Alemania Babiera o en E.E.U.U California y Texas, pero hay muchas más regiones que se quieren independizar,ojala alguien lo haga.Gracias por leerlo
    PD:Si alguien lo va a crear que me avise
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    Peterux reacted to Mausy in Hoi mod for Aoc2 No Longer Available   
    Holey krep!
    Det ees biig!
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    Peterux got a reaction from Ilovethisgame2 in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon 2.0 | ALIVE   
    I know what you say. I had a crazy game in which I put goods to 50 percent and then afk for 18000 turns. Well, when I came came back, the world’s population had only gotten up to 460 million people. I think that depending of the population you have, this should grow quicker or slower. Example - Porto has 100% population growth and it has 50 thousand habitants. 50000 / 1000 = 50. So it would be
    x ( population growth) + ( y (habitants) / ( x * 10) )
    Also, depending of the era you are in, population should grow faster or slower. Example, in the dark ages the minimum goods are higher and the population growth goes down. Also, there are lots of illnesses. However, in the modern era the goods are even higher than in the dark ages but the population growth goes up and there are a lot less illnesses.
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    Peterux reacted to Ilovethisgame2 in Year 1683   
    1683 SCENARIO
    (All borders may not be true)

    Update 1:                                              
    Added mayan empire              Fixed some borders                 Made Joseon indepent            Balanced countries                   Added custom civs folder        
                                                             (Massive)Update 2:                                                                     
    Fixed most of the borders       Added tons of new countries in Africa,Asia,Oceania and       Americas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    (Massive)Update 3:        
    Fixed the Europe borders            Fixed South America borders                    
                                                                                                                                           Update 4:                                                                                                                                                                        
    Added tribes to canada,mexico, usa,south america,oceania         Fixed some of the carribean and america borders.                                                                                                                Added some more colonies to porteguese and spain.                                                                                                          Made Lithuania Poland-Lithutania Commonwealth                                                                                                               Download                                                                                                                                                
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    Peterux reacted to Jagd_JaegerDE in TNO: Last Days of Europe AOC2 (IN DEVELOPMENT)   
    The New Order: Last Days of Europe for Age of Civilizations II
    (In Development)
    The Lore
    The Second World War ended with the complete destruction of the enemies of Hitler's Germany and his fellow Axis nations. The world of 1962 is now a much different one then anyone could have imagined.
    From the former lands of Russia where petty warlords battle for control of the torched steppes, to the once mighty Reich, where various factions threaten to tear the nation apart into civil war.
    No matter what happens, the world is in perhaps its most turbulent phase, with the Reich and Japan on the brink of war, and the threat of nuclear destruction looming over all, will the world survive into the 70's?
    -Definitely NOT from the moddb page
    Roadmap for Mod till Alpha Release(as of 19.03.2019):
    -Finish importing countries/flags-100%
    -Finishing country borders-40%
    -Create custom ideologies that match TNO-100%
    Roadmap for Mod on Full Release
    -Adding TNO Music
    -Implementing events into mod
    -Add realistic population and economy
    -Edit AoC2 Map to put the gaping hole in mid Africa, and Atlantropa for the Mediterranean Sea.
    -Edit AoC2 to fix borders.
    Permissions and Credits:
    To a gfx artist on the dev team who wishes not to be named, thank you for the province pictures and country flags.
    Panzer for coming up with this brilliant idea, I do not take any credit for this mod, only to recreate in AoC2
    Suggestions are welcome, but there is no guarantee they will be put into the mod.
    Screenshots will most likely differ from the final product

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    Peterux reacted to Ramiro007 in How to make allies more easily   
    What was said by Peterux can only be complemented with this fact:If your nation or your wannabe ally is at war the probabilities that he accepts an alliance with you is almost zero
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    Peterux reacted to Reich in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon 2.0 | ALIVE   
    Addon was transferred to other developer. You can check new topic of the mod:
    You can continue watch my personal activity only in topic of Norrvagen and my group in VK.
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    Peterux reacted to Mlvluu in SOCIETY! ...Coming soon to a dank river valley near you.   
    An option that allows tribal civilizations to spawn randomly on the map, with a higher chance of appearing in high growth provinces.
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    Peterux reacted to AntiLukash in The correct scenario for 1900.   
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    Peterux reacted to Windows XP Mapping in The Soviet War   
    This is a scenario which is a alternate break up of the Soviet Union

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    Peterux reacted to Jonnes in 1946 Scenario   
    So yea!Here's my new scenario!1946 scenario!Civil wars in Afghanistan and China,BeNeLux alliance and USSR holds vassals(puppets)of al the eastern European countries.If you want to review this,feel free,just credit my channel-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFvOvAAYQjdlY6mbUohLCxg?view_as=subscriber and this scenario!NOTE:I couldn't do the flat border in Korea so it is set to be modern.In the middle of making it:

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    Peterux reacted to Mr.Hitler in From the Ashes   
    With the loss of western Europe and most of America' allies to the reds the United States and Britain stood alone on the forefront against communism. But that was in the past. In the modern world the United States could not overcome the might of the Soviet Union, capitalism has lost in the face of communism. What was the United States a land of prosperity and opportunity became multiple poverty stricken nations.
    West Berlin was given to the Soviets in a treaty in result of the blockade
    The Western allies were not able to protect South Korea during the Korean war 
    The Cuban missile crisis gave the Soviets an edge against the Americans 
    Work in Progress
    Map: Done
    Army: Done
    Tech levels: Done 
    Events: Unfinished
    Diplomacy: Unfinished
    Lore: Unfinished
    Version 1.1 Added: More events and diplomacy and added in in North Dakota
    Version 1.2 Added: A lot more events and changes to diplomacy and changes to the flags. American Union State and Peoples Republic of America can now reform America in their own way, Changes to the flags, Capitulation events for the PRA, ASU and ASS. And much more but to small to talk about.
    Post any suggestions you have for this.
    you need the civ folder and the download link for it to work
    Civilizations folder:Civs.zip
    Recommended to play at 100% Speed and 50% AI aggressiveness also the final unification events don't fire till 2013

    download link:
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    Peterux got a reaction from BrakeCoachStudios in Please be more open lukasz!   
    It is easily crackable because it's made in java. It’s too basic, not built in any game engine. This affects graphics and performance as seen in other games like this (Minecraft) and limits it's possibilities.
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    Peterux reacted to Wersjon in Please be more open lukasz!   
    Like this :V?

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    Peterux reacted to Germoney The Attacker in Civilizations Extra Plus Version 0.2   
    This Are More Civilizations For The Game I Think U Will Like This 
    Full List Of Civs:
    Frankish Kingdom
    North America
    British-Swedish Empire
     South Countries
    Rupert's Land
    Norther Canada
    Souther Canada
    And Russian America "Alaska"

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    Peterux got a reaction from BrakeCoachStudios in Earth Without Water (No Water)   
    Please dont insult in my christian channel. I understand portuguese 😉
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    Peterux reacted to ($Jake$) in Greater Europe Map v0.75 - DEMO out now   
    Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe?
    My main focus in this mod is to add a lot of provinces while still keeping country borders and local borders at least kind of accurate. For example, Ireland has it's 32 counties. 
    Right now the mod is in it's in-game stage, where I'm adding all of the provinces into the game.
    All of the resources added in this mod were created by me! The province map and the background map were both made by me.
    Here is the download link to the files needed:
    You need to put these folders and file in:
    C://Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Age of Civilizations II/map
    (or wherever your aoc II folder is downloaded, you just drop them all in /map)
    It is still very buggy since I am doing the mod all by myself. If you know how you can fix a bug or have any tips, make sure to tell me!
    Current Version: 0.75


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    Peterux got a reaction from JustAnUser in Forgotten Kingdoms   
    Forgotten Battles Version 1.0
    Components of mod:
    - Scenarios
    - Formable_civs
    - New Civilizations
    - New music 
    - New provinces
    This mod brings you the possibility of fighting many important wars in the story of humanity. You will be able to fight in the Spanish War of Succesion, the Spanish Civil War, the Battle of Marathon, the Battle of Hastings, and much more.
    The mod will be available in Steam Workshop, I will try and get it there as soon its released and as soon as possible.
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