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  1. Not quite yet. I wasn't able to get that far in the summer when I worked extensively on the scenario, and I don't know when I will have time again.
  2. After some more research, it turns out that Egypt DID have a sort of army in WW2, while diplomatic relations in this game aren't that impressive. And the other colonies... Alongside other plans, I will also add colonies as vassals who will recruit their own armies and unrealistically do low-level diplomacy, at a distant point when I have time.
  3. Update: Refusing to sign an armistice with the Allies after accepting to see their terms as Italy now also adds Italy to the Axis.
  4. The scenario's depiction of Thai borders is correct. Check out the relevant date in this video.
  5. You are looking at an old version of this scenario; please check out this topic. Thailand's name becomes Siam when I choose fascism as its government. As far as I'm concerned, both versions have correct borders for it. This topic just has outdated screenshots.
  6. Update: Army amounts on the Eastern Front have been adjusted so that Germany does not get brutally overrun by the Soviets from the get-go. The liberation event for Greece has been fixed to no longer trigger an accidental war between Greece and the Allies.
  7. Update: France now owns Saint-Pierre. Germany now controls Bornholm too. The events have been fixed. Country assignments were apparently messed up after I tinkered with the civilizations to replace Croatia, which made Finland annex Mongolia in the "Tannu Tuva's accession to the USSR" event chain and basically nothing happen in the "German Takeover" events and Denmark's liberation event.
  8. Yes, but please use these songs from Hearts of Iron 4 that are related to the scenario's theme: Escalation Retribution Morning of D-day
  9. Download 1543059359571xzljdpja.rar (Updated 26 October 2019) Screenshots The update of August 14 (find the previous version here) Changes to Italy: Its government is now a monarchy, since Mussolini was ousted and arrested on July 25th. The leader still appears as Mussolini; you know, just look away... It no longer starts as a member of the Axis. It joins the Axis if it chooses not to pursue armistice negotiations with the Allies in the event that fires on the second turn. You can read the main reason below, but this representation of relations also makes sense given Germany's huge distrust in Italy after Badoglio replaced Mussolini as prime minister. (Explanation: The game does not clear a country from a war's belligerent list if I take the country out of the war manually in an event by white-peacing it with every enemy of that country. This proved problematic in the newly added "The Armistice of Cassibile" event where monarchist Italy switched sides and was listed on the Allies list of belligerents without leaving the Axis list. I think it calls in its new allies, the members of the Allies faction, against both sides of the war, because a literal battle royale within the Allies faction ensues the turn right after. Additionally, for a reason I haven't figured out, declaring an independence war on Germany as one of its puppets Croatia and Slovakia started a war between Germany and the rest of the Axis only if the Italian Civil War had begun before this declaration of war. Removing monarchist Italy from the Axis faction, thus removing it from the Axis belligerent list of the Axis x Allies war at the game's beginning, worked all the magic.) World map fixes: In Africa: The French occupation zone in Libya has been added. The UK now directly controls Egypt, since it did not have its own military and freedom in its foreign affairs at the time. In Asia: Macau is now owned by Portugal. The frontline between China and Japan has been corrected. In the Balkans: Italy now directly controls Montenegro. (Explanation: I have seen that it was a mere protectorate, comparable to Albania and Germany's Bohemia and Moravia / General Government. I also thought of adding the Axis puppet of the Hellenic State and the "Axis protected" country of Denmark -with its event chain that leads to its direct occupation by Germany- as civilizations during my research, but their historical lack of a military except for the men the Hellenic State gathered to help the Germans fight revolters deterred me.) Croatia with its medieval leader and flag has been replaced with modern Croatia. In Canada: Newfoundland is now owned by the UK. Population distribution improvements: Czechoslovak population within Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary. Romanian population within Hungary. German population within Italy. Albanian population within Italy. Iraqi population within the UK. Danish population within the US. Icelandic population within the US. New events: Liberation events for the Italian Civil War. Liberation events for Italian colonies, for the case that Italy continues its war against the Allies. Liberation events for Chinese provinces. The Estonian islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa now have their own liberation event separate from the "Northern Baltic Land" one, so that the dumb AI can still annex a meaningful portion of the land even if it just won't continue invading across the sea. Mechanics that make going independent from Germany as puppets Croatia and Slovakia impossible. Mechanics that will effectively prevent / give a UK player the power to end up to three wars breaking out between the British Raj and China while the two countries are still fighting Japan. [Explanation: Up to three wars, because making the event that fires for the UK repeatable results in duplicate peace offers while the peace offer is received by China after a few turns, and blocks other events that may fire during these turns (the "one event dealt with by the AI and the rest trashed every turn" bug) like the liberation of Hong Kong. There are three duplicates of this event chain, which should be enough to cover the British Raj AI's stupidity.] Event chain that narrates Tannu Tuva's accession to the USSR. Event chain that narrates the signing of the Armistice of Cassibile between Italy and the Allies and its fallout. The "Historical Division of Europe" events, which curiously have begun spawning instant wars between the Western and Eastern blocs after the many changes I've made to the scenario, have been removed. Dynamic partitioning of the continent based on how much of a given country's territory has been liberated by which side is planned. I actually had even more in mind to do, but the fact that it's seemingly taking forever to implement all my ideas and my partially complete summer homework that's lingering has finally prompted me to publish my scenario at this point and take a few weeks' break.
  10. The player as Germany can achieve quite a lot. Take a look at this stalemate that stands strong after nearly two years.
  11. Update: 1. The Bulgarian-Romanian border has been corrected. 2. The French liberation events have been remade into larger groups of provinces so that pieces of France are not easier to annex than those of the Soviet Union. Corsica remains separate. 3. The Dutch, Belgian, and Luxembourgish liberation events have been merged into one of the Benelux again, so that pieces of the Benelux are not easier to annex than those of the Soviet Union. The event's recipient is the UK, but Belgium and the Netherlands are still notified. 4. Technology level and army adjustments have been made to improve the speed of the Soviet advance compared to the Allied one. 5. Pacific liberation events with corresponding cores have been added: Portugal Portuguese East Timor British Raj Andaman and Nicobar Islands Northern Burma Central Burma Southern Burma Eastern Burma British Malaya Western British Malaya Eastern British Malaya France Northern French Indochina Southern French Indochina United Kingdom Christmas Island (Kiribati) Gilbert Islands United States Mariana Islands Micronesia Marshall Islands Northern Philippines Southern Philippines Netherlands Western New Guinea Maluku Islands Sulawesi Lesser Sunda Islands Kalimantan Java Sumatra Riau Islands Australia Eastern New Guinea Nauru
  12. I'm not sure if it's the AI taking the "transfer occupation" option or something that is enforced also on a human player, but I have set 99% French population in German-occupied France and any ally of France that liberates France will transfer the provinces right away. Even if France is liberated by a country not allied to France, the liberation events would take care of the liberated provinces' annexation to France anyway.
  13. It would be the most repetitive of all WW2 scenarios, though. I can't imagine any human player winning as Germany.
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