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  1. Bom dia! Uma dica amigo, quando você for por os eventos, não esqueça de por "Condição de existência" e a nação que você vai colocar o evento tem que existir, meus eventos só deram certo depois que eu revi este video e vi que tava faltando isso
  2. Greetings from Brazil! This is awesome! if you are needing help with some Brazilian events ( or Portuguese) i am here to help!
  3. Cara eu vou falar em português kkkkkk, vovcê tem que por a "condição de existência" e "existir: Paraguay" Eu passei perrengue com eventos até eu ver pela 3a vez o video do Lukasz:
  4. Me too, but my professor said that, that was a surprise to him too. I have searched about this and this is rare, because Argentina was not unified like today countries, but the states has a great autonomy. Here in Brazil was not different, the Local Elites haved a bit autonomy and the Emperor was deal with them making promisses and giving them royal titles ( Baron, Viscount, etc. ) If we use today admnistration system to 1860s system, we will have trouble, because the information was by letter and the Telegraphs was started to be used slowly Its like the fact that Brazil in 186
  5. Boa noite 🙂 Hey everyone, i have searched in books and i founded something that can help Paraguay have made alliance with the following Argentine client states ( they where states but with autonomous governors): Corrientes and Entre Rios here the map Corrientes province and Entre Rios
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