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  1. Honesty cool. It looks pretty cool!
  2. thhis mod i dead af lmao
  3. is the mod still alive?
  4. I Fucking Hate Kerem. His ods are good but his fans are terminal 8 Brain Cancer. And Terminal 8 isnt even a thing
  5. every time i try to load the map it AOC2 instantly crashes
  6. @Kerems2434sooo were just gonna forget about crusaders 3?

    1. Kerems2434


      But, you fucking hate me 😞 

    2. CupheadPaulYT


      Kerem, your mods are good but its pretty fucking scummy of you yo use dislike bots. It seems like you cant handle criticism so you use dislike bots.

  7. why? people are just going to get bored and move on to something else. And all that work will be for nothing
  8. can we do a big fucking meme and add molossia to the map? and the conch republic?
  9. i know this sounds retarded but can u release the mod early? like early access?
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