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  1. vote for israel or bradenburg amk

    1. ITurkishmapping


      okey amk

  2. e g g

  3. goktug14

    Countryballs art competition

    Made this 1 year ago It got deep meanings
  4. Maybe you can make a The Man in the High Castle too
  5. Guys, still confused so will do a poll. 1440 Ainu, to form Japan and maybe take over Asia 1440 Bradenburg, to form Germany and maybe take over Europe 1440 Tunis, to build a Muslim trade kingdom 1440 Leinster, to unite Ireland and stuff 2018 Thailand, to lead a 3rd world country to a superpower 2018 Israel, to conquer promised lands and more stuff 2018 Colombia, to unite Gran Colombia, or even Latin America 2018 Nigeria, to make Nigeria Africa's superpower omg theres so much options, probably will make 2 polls as seperated 1440 and 2018, and make a final. like a championship lol Btw still waiting suggestions
  6. why no korea pp anymore



    then put this


  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL EPISODE Goktuci was resting in palace. He had some problems with his heart, and he was in bed for 2 weeks. His situation was going bad everyday. He was an old man, his age was 81. On 28 February 2053, he closed his eyes forever. It was a dark day for Serbians. People was crying and mauning in the streets. Nobody ever had a idea that who will rule the country now, even the Regime. Goktuci wasn't married and all of kins was not enough to rule the Empire.. He ruled the country for 35 years, created a superpower from ruins. Serbia had good relations with other countries but Swiss and Yemeni. Serbia became number one country in the world. Serbia had a high technology. Serbia had good devolopment rates, if we don't count new conquired lands Serbia captured Colossus of Rhodes and Parthenon. Also, Balkans had a great infrastructure. God, save Serbia! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some pictures from the game: Europe North America I gave too much money to those Middle Eastern nations to make their wars longer lol South America 7 Africa, Spain had a colony somewhere in West Africa. Also Tanzania collapsed into pieces United Arab Farsea Lands Central Asia and Pakistan India Pitcairn annexed by Ecuador, damn Monarchies taking control of Europe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also, I need to mention. Before releasing this to public, I planned it before and tried to make episode 1. But then decided to make a new save. Guys, I will start a new story but I don't know which scenario and country to play with. Pls leave your suggestions, if even with those suggestions I can't decide, I would make a poll in this topic. btw iran got me because turkey gave them access
  8. Sad enough, Iran and Switzerland declared war on me and ruined whole country. Actually writed the final, just making fonts and stuff those small things are pictures from last episode, forgot that editor replaces them at the last if its uploaded already
  9. goktug14

    The house Krauser- Volume 2- The great empires

    No problem, atleast we can see that in Turkey 😕
  10. goktug14

    Rise of the British Empire (1200)

    Reconquista but by English
  11. goktug14

    Rank list

    It's looks like it's isn't depends on content or reputation
  12. goktug14

    Event shown to every player?

    If you only need to show them what happened, you can make events for every country for each event. The original event will trigger them. If you want to all countries decide something, then make it the same but with decisions. Original country had the event, every decision triggered other countries event