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  1. He dies every two days guys, we must do sth

  2. Idk why but provinces/countries don't have a normal name. Its stuff like 8525862845asjgkhasojl
  3. Ihatethisdevoloper1

    1. Ilovethisgame2


      Lukasz is a human too maybe he needs a vacation or something.r and r vacation GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

      Well that doesnt make the thing he's doing right but everyone can make mistakes 😕  pineapple express oops GIF

      But If you made a game and worked really hard for it why not just work on it a bit more to make it even better?

    2. goktug14


      Do you need a vacation for months? And you know that vacation will kill the game, would you still rest for months? 

    3. SUDAMXX


      4 MONTHS ;-;

  4. Press F to pay respects to forum

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    2. Shiite


      he's not dead either reeeeeeee

    3. Lonathan


      You exactly know im not dead Goktug, we talk on discord all the time.

    4. goktug14


      but anyways this forum is dead

  5. definitely rip

    1. SUDAMXX


      Yeah R.I.P

  6. I don't know why he wants game to die. He doesn't fix the bugs, he doesn't release IOS, he doesn't release workshop. Lukazs, what the hell you are doing now then?
  7. How can you find the impression to make something for this dead game? Btw good episode!
  8. You can see why it was worse than Versailles. And yes, Ataturk won. And that's how Republic of Turkey formed. And, yes that treaty cancelled and they made a brand new treaty. It shaped the Turkey we have today Actually, green isn't Ottomans, it is Ottomans technically. Ottomans even created some irregular armies to stop Ankara goverment.
  9. Basically Ottomans signed a treaty even worse than Versailles. After that Ataturk formed another goverment in Ankara to fight against the Allies and Armenians.
  10. It isn't strangely popular. Poland has 38 million people, and Turkey has 82 million. There's such a small Turkish community in this game compared to population
  11. When it's ready, all can I say
  12. welovethisgame3

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