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  1. will stay as count forever 

  2. goktug14

    Lukasz Jakowski whats your Next plan?

    so another 2 years, and 1 year extra bcs better game wake me up in 2022 then
  3. goktug14

    Lukasz Jakowski whats your Next plan?

    Staying quiet for 3 months more?
  4. goktug14

    My thoughts on political ideologies in countries

    Compass would be great. But instead of selecting a point, you can draft to it slowly, like in HOI3's faction triangle.
  5. goktug14

    Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)

    EPISODE 7: EXPANSION IN AFRICA 101 After the wars between Egypt and Israel, Egypt lost a lot of valuable lands and stuck in desert. This made their country poor, so alternative political movements born. One of them was Islamist Communism. Those guys were Radical Islamists but had Communist ideas. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was 28 of December. Tariq woke up. He was the commander of Egyptian Army, and he had a lot of influence in goverment. Actually, he wasn't leading an army, he was leading some irregular millitary groups. He was aware of Islamist Communism movement that getting popular every day. He needed to finish them. While he was thinking those, he heard a big explosion sound. And some gun sounds followed it. As he understand from conversations coming from outside, Islamo-Communist partisans rebelled and came to kill him. And they just eliminated all of guards. He started to pray to God, and waited for them with his rifle. Then, 3 soldiers came in, but quickly killed by Mr. Tariq. He jumped out of the window, and jumped into first car he saw. He opened the radio while escaping, and learned that every city is in chaos. He quickly prepared an army to fight Islamo-Communists. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At 29 of December, President assasinated. And after one day, Tariq died in a battle. Country lost two of his leaders, but Tariq's irregular groups was still fighting. So, Israel decided to intervene. Their country didn't had an united army, so we annexed them in a short time. But, a border crisis happened with Ethiopia. An Ethiopian soldier tried to pass our well-protected border, red colored line and an Israeli soldier tried to stop him. And that monster killed that young Israeli soldier! Goktunyahu said: - HOW DARE YOU TRY TO PASS OUR ULTRA TECHNOLOGICAL BORDER?! ONE ISRAELI EQUALS TO THOUSANDS OF ETHIOPIANS! will you really wait until it explodes We forced Yemen to give us millitary access, and Ethiopia did the same with Sudan. But they was not strong enough to fight us back. After some battles, we annexed Ethiopia. We couldn't access there without going from another country, but of course Goktunyahu had some plans with it. Jehovah, protect Jerusalem and blessed people of Israel!
  6. goktug14

    City Names - Concept

    But what if US conquers "Danzig", after Germany took there?
  7. goktug14

    Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)

    guys, pc gave blue screen and all episode said good bye probably. i will post it today but late
  8. goktug14

    Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)

    I just noticed that I'm too far away from last episode in save. So started to writing next episode
  9. goktug14

    He alive

    replace napoleon with lukasz
  10. goktug14

    Vive la France! (Victorian Age)

    dude pls don't cancel this
  11. are you turkish

  12. goktug14

    Oyun Çöküyor

  13. goktug14

    City name changing bug (PC)

    you love this game, how can't you know this