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  1. ooOOOoo

    1. Shiite


      Gok's last message on this site. He had such a way with words 

  2. He dies every two days guys, we must do sth

  3. Idk why but provinces/countries don't have a normal name. Its stuff like 8525862845asjgkhasojl
  4. Ihatethisdevoloper1

    1. Ilovethisgame2


      Lukasz is a human too maybe he needs a vacation or something.r and r vacation GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

      Well that doesnt make the thing he's doing right but everyone can make mistakes 😕  pineapple express oops GIF

      But If you made a game and worked really hard for it why not just work on it a bit more to make it even better?

    2. goktug14


      Do you need a vacation for months? And you know that vacation will kill the game, would you still rest for months? 

    3. SUDAMXX
  5. Press F to pay respects to forum

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    2. Shiite


      he's not dead either reeeeeeee

    3. Lonathan


      You exactly know im not dead Goktug, we talk on discord all the time.

    4. goktug14


      but anyways this forum is dead

  6. I don't know why he wants game to die. He doesn't fix the bugs, he doesn't release IOS, he doesn't release workshop. Lukazs, what the hell you are doing now then?
  7. How can you find the impression to make something for this dead game? Btw good episode!
  8. As long forum is dead, I can tell what happened. I attacked Yemen and united Ethiopia with my lands. Then attacked Iran, and attacked again, took a big chunk of land. Then annexed Saudi Arabia. Also annexed Libya but I don't remember when
  9. I found that in a topic here but lost it. So you can still find it if you can find that topic
  10. just like the forum and game, this story is dead.
  11. I don't know how to change it ingame. Probably you can't. But while starting a new game you can disable it. Did you see "Victory Conditions" on left? Click it
  12. looks like you're in a circassia crisis again. just take your pill and relax please 

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    2. CircassianKavkaz


      1- itd not cool when smo just removed your country, denies itd existence and act like it never happened

      2- bilmym

    3. goktug14
    4. CircassianKavkaz
  13. Play as Mexico. You will have 200 turns preparation time to declare war on US. No trade declare war bug. After 200 turns ended, you will declare war on US even if you haven't got any soldiers in border. Modern World scenario
  14. I think dictatorship should get removed. You can have a nationalist dictatorship too, it's not an Ideology
  15. Normally I draw good (drawing cb since 2016) but I decided to draw extremely excellent good
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