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  1. Not to attack the Allies if you're not ready to fully overtake them, a lot of games were destroyed this way 😞 But for reals, my New Year's resolutions are to try and learn at least 3 new words in Japanese every day so one day I could learn the language and be proud to call myself fluent, besides that, trying to get back in shape also sounds great 😄
  2. Don't remember when but in the past I once tweeted him on Twitter where I said him this idea and I remember him replying back saying something like that he would add the real multiplayer function in AoC3 even though I don't know if he has changed his mind or not.
  3. Greetings everyone! My suggestion would be that Lukasz should add a Brush feature for Assimilation and Festival functions so that we could more easily and a lot faster assimilate and do festivals in a lot of provinces because when you are far into the game you get very tired and bored of conquering anyone because it is A PAIN to assimilate all of the newly conquered provinces. Sincerely, Ignas111
  4. Hello, I was wondering where can I locate my Load Game save files? I have a few very interesting saved games where I'd say they're almost impossible to save but I'd love to share them nevertheless. Sincerely, Ignas111
  5. Where can I locate my save files of the scenarios I've played? I have a few games that are almost impossible to save and I'd love to share them here.

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