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  1. so almost everything is done but might not finish anytime soon because highschool
  2. bro this is amazing ideas but im sure the game code would need to be fully rewritten to put these in the game because lukasz funny spaghetti code
  3. i would say probably all of them just make it a little rougher instead of smooth lol, also nice progress
  4. Can you improve their borders? the one Vortex Mapping made is horrendous. At least make them similar but better and realistic.
  5. Doing UI while the map is done but it has some issues.
  6. almost done (300 provinces)
  7. How about... ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ lol i made it just a few minutes ago
  8. It currently has 168 Land provinces, should i add more? if so i will add districts of the regencies in java
  9. AOH2 Province Updater I made this program because i had to make it lol and i made it in JavaScript. This program updates provinces you have made with the Map Editor data, why should you/when to use this program? This program is used when you accidentally made a mistake while making your map and then not being able to overwrite or update the exported provinces with the Map Editor. The way it works is by taking the Map Editor data / mapAoC2_v2.txt and exporting it to generate provinces. The Instructions of how to use it is in the program. GitHub Download/Releases : https
  10. should i make smaller provinces for each current province? tell me what do you guys think bub
  11. you can't just convert a zip file to a jar file, you have to compile it
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