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  1. Alright the Website version of the Exporter should work now.( https://honsda.github.io/AOH2-ProvinceExporter/web )
  2. i am thinking to make that with Java or JavaScript in a website interface but i don't think im going to make it since i have highschool aeaehjdjasadf
  3. Pretty sure, Java programs work on macs aswell. unless you haven't installed Java. https://java.com/en/download/apple.jsp Here is the link to the Java Mac download, install this and run AOH2 again.
  4. have you run the program? if you have done that just open the updatedprov folder, it has the generated province files there
  5. after using the map editor, you could export the provinces with this tool. it uses mapAoC2_v2.txt file to export the provinces, so simply put the mapAoC2_v2.txt file in the editor_data folder, and then just run the program and it will generate the province files in updatedprov folder obviously you have to extract the zip file first to some folder
  6. @Magolor wouldn't it be cool if you put the source of your program in github so we could interact with them and probably improve the program? with you being credited
  7. Have you checked the province connection and add connections of the province to neighboring provinces? or updating the province in Sea Provinces editor
  8. continuing development, going to create scenarios and civs. Full District Map of Regencies might have to wait
  9. I might make a website version for the Province Exporter / Updater so it's more accessible to everyone.
  10. "No way, it's my birthday so i decided to do a 'face reveal'. (real) " im so gorgeous ✨ proof that this is my birthday (real(rel(real((reale(reaxdl))))) please h elp me j jd a wi qwoejqwi dsaijew ae ahenuragjkloe dns i think i posted this in the wrong section lmfao
  11. it's just aoh2 being aoh2, but below these might solve your problem : Restarting the application. Make a new game, then quit the game and try playing your saved game. Try opening Editor and then go back to the game. ( i don't know why both of these work lmfao) if none of this works then the only solution is to never play aoh2 again lmao
  12. Hons


    maybe get the latest version of aoh2? or just make a new leader with a searchable name, if that doesn't works then it's just aoh2 being aoh2 thanks lukasz
  13. some detailed fictional map or something, would be interesting. maps like Legend of the Papers please's, Avatars', Famana's, Epinadia's, Ariben's, or new epinadia :troll:
  14. simple help the forum by reporting them
  15. Go to Game Editor > Game Civilizations, then add civilization. On the Civilization TAG write the tag of the formable nation you want and add the ideology tag. example: your formable nation's tag is "ger" and you want it to be a monarch, then write "ger_m". You can add colors and ribbons of the civilization -- Changing the civilization's name -- You can change the civilization's name by going to in the folders, game > languages > civilizations > Bundle.properties file, open the file then just add your Civilization tag by typing in a new line, <civ-tag> = <ci
  16. truly an among us moment. (funny leak real)
  17. You want to make a formable country's ideology to have a certain ideology and when you become the formable country you change to that ideology?
  18. Hons


    no they probably won't give it, you can use bytecode editor like recaf to modify it directly and recompile it again. just focus on stuff that's moddable easily if you want to make a mod, but if you manage to add new stuff in the game that's going to be awesome too
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