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  1. Nepal and Bhutan should exist. See the portion of the British world map from August 1922. Its independence was later affirmed by the British in 1923. Bhutan had their foreign affairs guided by the British, they should exist as a vassal at least
  2. This is happening to me as well and it frequently occurs with the A.I. after they fight long wars. When you take their provinces through peace conferences, the economy of some remains stuck at 99 even after attempting to invest in the economy multiple times, it's extremely frustrating.
  3. When at war with another country, fighting rebels that appear in their territory give them back their land in addition to switching the allegiance of the troops used to fight them. When I was in a war with Mexico, they had rebels appear in their territory, which I declared war on and defeated. The provinces I captured then immediately reverted to being controlled by Mexico and the 900 troops I used to defeat the rebels suddenly became Mexican as well.
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