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  1. Ple2's Medieval Scenario's include Emirates, Caliphates & Sultanates (as well as many others)
  2. That's fine, I'm happy to wait....... FYI I honestly think that your scenarios should be packaged with the game because (aside from 2 minor errors*) they are perfect & 'well rounded' * The region of Spain you call Murica should be Murcia, also for some reason some of the maps show 2 cities called Besancon (in different regions). Otherwise yours are the VERY BEST scenario's that I've seen!
  3. are these included in the current download?
  4. Sure... Christian Kingdom Christian Duchy Christian County Islamic Sultanate Islamic Caliphate Islamic Emirate Pagan Kingdom / Duchy / County Heretical Kingdom / Duchy / County Excommunicated Kingdom / Duchy / County I'm sure there are many more options but I'm a bit rushed for time at present.
  5. Lukasz, do you want me to moderate this forum? (i used to mod totalwar.com)


    This needs to be policed more actively

    1. TimDee58


      Thanks Ramiro, this place is becoming a joke

  6. normally i'm supportive of new mods but Timbuktu, in Canada, really?
  7. and if you've added other peoples scenarios and their civilisations_editor file - there will be more too
  8. or go to Editor> Create New Scenario> Manage Civilisations > (select a province) > add civilisation and then check the lists of available civs, they are all there
  9. I'm very excited about the new scenario too, every time I think of a new set of options it seems that you've already beaten me to it.... so here's one for you, 843 AD Treaty of Verdun! That would be awesome! I give you a score of 100/100 for entertainment and research! I'm totally in favour of your work, please keep going! (Your scenarios should be packaged with the basic game - they are way better than everything else I've seen!) Thank you for your hard work Tim (AKA - Lothar the Fifth(ish), recreator of the Middle kingdom) (Iron Throne Rules)
  10. I've already made a suggestion that has had a positive response that would sort the religion issue
  11. I'm starting to work on creating a scenario for the period 900 - 1000 ad, they will be included in that...
  12. TimDee58

    Religion Mod

    and of course religion could be already in the game if Lukasz considered it to be an ideology example: Islamic Monarchy, Christian Monarchy etc etc (with all of the other practical blends of government type and religion), it's a very easy fix for someone with the right skillset.
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