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  1. TimDee58

    Easiest nation to start in 1444

    Bavaria every time
  2. TimDee58

    Feudalism etc etc

    and you my friend are trolling a games forum
  3. OK, I'm taking the plunge and trying to create a scenario BUT (as I'm old & stupid) I may occasionally need help..... Here's my first questions: 1 - How to set population levels for areas? 2 - How to remove Civ names that I've created (and then realised I dont actually need) 3 - How can I actually just limit the game map to Europe and the shores of the Mediterranean - do I REALLY need the whole world? 4 - Is there a quick and easy way to add flags? (EASY!) - I find the flag creation templates to be really unwieldy. Thanks in advance
  4. TimDee58

    Hey Guys,

    You may have seen me posting elsewhere here, you may not... I often make suggestions about game (and forum) improvements and some people have asked why I don't try to create a scenario or mod myself... This is why (You Tube link) Georgia's Tale (the text in the vid is all in English I'm afraid... typically I don't have time to translate)
  5. TimDee58

    Feudalism etc etc

    Not really a helpful comment mate. All of the things I suggest could be implemented I'm sure by clever use of events, tidying up of leader names etc etc etc..... (Also CK2 sucks - How is it even possible to have a 'real time' Grand Strategy game? That's laughable)...
  6. TimDee58

    There should be a rule here.....

    Lets face it, some scenarios are a joke..... can we have separate areas please so they can be categorised accordingly? I mean really... A scenario / mod about an anime character? a GTA map? a war between games or consoles & even a made up story about 'this Italian Guy' (no offence)? WTF? Give us History, Westeros, Middle Earth for sure..... Vikings (great), The Classical world for sure..... Ive not seen any sign of Assyria or Babylon yet either.... OR Give us scenarios that work and that you KNOW you intend to finish, no offence guys but really 90% of the scenarios are dross. COME ON PEOPLE Guys this is a great system but can we please exercise some restraint?
  7. TimDee58

    Feudalism etc etc

    Also the Papacy should have powers / benefits similar to the HRE and players should be encouraged to make their bloodline extend to controlling the Holy See!
  8. TimDee58

    Feudalism etc etc

    I'd like to see games where players start as a small local family, by conquest & diplomacy they could raise their family to Counts, Dukes, Kings, Emperor etc etc.... I'd like to see events where families / counties / duchies / kingdoms merge, split etc I'd like to see the creation of both real life kingdoms AND 'potential Kingdoms', all having the potential for HRE type elections etc etc... Where civil wars occur, rebellions too, where leaders can die heirless and b*stard (inferior relatives) bloodlines can inherit the throne.... Where vassalisation is important and NOT something to be sneered at Where schisms can occur In fact, I'd like this to become a modern version of 'Empires of the Middle Ages' board game (by SSI?).... The game does NOT need more troop types, after all it's 'Grand Strategy' where numbers matter, not quality.... THIS GAME IS SO CLOSE TO ACHIEVING ALL OF THIS! Thanks Lukasz for your hard work
  9. TimDee58

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    a disappointing mod that is actually a collection of scenario's, unless I missed something? I deleted it after a few days because IMHO it 'bought nothing to the table' Am I wrong? Please convince me otherwise.... Honestly, no offence to the Author(s) because any improvement is good, but I just don't see it....
  10. TimDee58

    Suggest for Leaders: Reign Dates

    it's an excellent idea
  11. TimDee58

    Scenario Suggestions

    any feudal scenario with working HRE, real (contemporary) family names for rulers and cool (realistic) events.... ideally on a map of about 1100ad I WOULD do this but I have more pressing real life issues to deal with....
  12. TimDee58

    Make Ultimatums More Risky

    excellent idea
  13. TimDee58

    There should be a rule here.....

  14. TimDee58

    There should be a rule here.....

    So..... how do we get Lukasz to see this?