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  1. I'm going to make Warhammer 40,000 mod. Have a nice day.
  2. Hello there. Star Wars mod v.1.3 has been finally released! Download link is at first post. What's New: 2 new scenarios: "Second Galactic Civil War" scoping the eponymous war and Lost Tribe of Sith Emergence; and "Legacy" scoping the final years of the Galactic Alliance, Sith-Imperial War, Second Imperial Civil War and Darth Wredd's Insurgency. Dark Nest Crisis and Swarm War events added to "Yuuzhan Vong War" scenario Event pictures added to all events in "Great Peace of Republic" scenario All of placed civilizations are made suggested Lost Tribe of Sith added as a playable civilization in "Star Wars from Homeworlds" scenario 38 new event pictures Somewhere around 15 new leaders; 10 of them have portraits Small changes in soundtrack This is the last update of Star Wars mod. I am glad for this mod for being finished because I've lost the interest and pleasure in making it. I would like to taste and work with something new, such as making another sci-fi mod for AoC2. So I'm finishing to work with it.
  3. Hello. What's your progress on porting this mod into Android?
  4. AoC2 Star Wars mod (v. 1.2).rar Download new event pictures Age of Civilizations II Star Wars Mod v. 1.2. has been finally released! What's New: 3 new scenarios (Imperial Civil War, Yuuzhan Vong War, First Order-Resistance War); Galactic Civil War scenario completed 42 new event pictures Growth rate of Ilum and Exegol lifted to 99% to make First and Final Order more powerful 11 new civilizations 30+ new leaders, most of them with portraits
  5. I have never even touched the "updatePB" folder, and if there is something missed in "cities" folder, there just will be no missed city names. But the map works. I've probably found another issue: there are missing provinces at directory "Star_Wars/data/scales/provinces/1 and 3". There are 1019 provinces instead of 1038. AoC2 Star Wars mod (v. 1.1).rar There is a file with 1038 provinces in that directory.
  6. I've probably found an issue. Go to "config.json" file in "Star_Wars" map folder and change the NumberOfProvinces value from 1036 to 1039.
  7. You mean the game crushes? If yes, have you tried to load it again?
  8. Do you speak about the rar file or about Google Disk links? I've downloaded Google Disk links recently, everything is ok.
  9. AoC2 Star Wars mod (v. 1.1).rar Hello there. After a long hiatus caused by the more than a month-long awaiting approval for my account and by not checking Gmail, I am finally arrived. Here is the download file. The previous version had some glitches with borders. They are fixed now. This file is not complete because I have a limit for uploading size (14.65 MB), and the whole mod weighs 143 MB. There is no additional music and event pictures. They will be added later. News about the future of this mod: There would be no more province additions or corrections because the file which Map Editor transcribes the province information (map_AoC2) is lost. The problematic provinces which were corrected were done manually by opening province id files in <update> folder and changing their point coordinates. And there were not much of them. There would be no Android version. Unfortunately, but I work only with PC version. There would be no other languages versions but English and Russian. I work with this mod in Addon+ v.1.4. which has only English and Russian as selectable languages. If you want to localise this mod on your native lnguage, then <game/languages/Bundles> and <game/languages/civilizations/Bundles> to your service! The next version (1.2) is scheduled to be released in May, 25. There will be 3 new scenarios and some minor fixes (such as leaders or development level changes). But I can't rely that May, 25 would be an exact date. At first, I have distance learning, and at second, I've checked Imperial Civil War maps, and it's the mapper's nightmare! Many factions, both big and small, many events, New Republic has very chaotic advancement leading to "pockets" of the Empire/pro-Imperial factions... It would take a lot of time to make this scenario.
  10. Hello there. Download Link Attention: this mod is available only for PC users. If you have Android... I'm sorry but no. I present the mod you'd never seen like this before - the mod which will deliver you in the Galaxy Far Far Away and make you as a ruler of interstellar civilization of the Star Wars Universe! This mod was developed for 3 months: one week for the (most of) Galaxy map and the rest of all time for events. I wanted to create a mod as comperhensive as it possible for its fictional universe. I wanted to create a mod which would please not only casual AoC2 players but also potential Star Wars fans who may play this game. I studied Wookiepedia for hours to create a single events. I searched details to make it as accurate as it possible to the Star Wars canon, both Legendary and Disney Canon. It was a great work which would be sinful to not be shared. What's New: The Galaxy Far Far Away map containing 1039 provinces. Not everywhere, but I tried to make their borders organic to each other to make them less border-gorish. The borders were made in account with the history and astrographical division of the galaxy. Star Wars galaxy map has its own Continents and Regions packs. Continents are Galactic Rims, and Regions are... Regions and some notable sectors. New biomes for the alien worlds. One province = one planet. Most of them have very valueable bonuses and/or fines since most of them are extraterrestrial and hostile for the organic life (Molten Worlds, Toxic Worlds) or over-developed (Ecumenopolises and Forge Worlds). Just check my map on the Landscape mode... The worlds I couldn't find an information for their landscape have the Hill or Space Station biome. 300+ new, Editor-made Star Wars civilizations, from the all-known Republic and Empire to the minor species and factions probably only complete Star Wars nerds ever heard or read of. Some of these civilizations have different flags and names for different governments. 21 new ages scoping the period since 38000 BBY (Pre-Republican Era) till 500 ABY (end of Post-Imperial Age). "BBY" and "ABY" stands for "before/after the Battle of Yavin", if someone doesn't knows. 17 scenarios scoping (almost) complete history of the Star Wars galaxy since the foundation of the Republic 25,000 years before the film events till the Second Imperial Civil War 130 years after. Most of these scenarios have events with 225 pictures included. Most of them were borrowed from Wookiepedia and some from Stellaris. Some of scenarios have even "alternate history" events! 6 new government types (if you possess Addon+): Corporate, Stratocracy, Criminal Organization, Magocracy, Hive Mind, Machine Intelligence. Each of them has their own crown. 120+ new leaders and their portraits. Some of them have poritraits in Hearts of Iron IV-style. The most well-known leaders (such as Palpatine, Dooku or Darth Revan) have their linkages to Wikipedia. 28 new tracks to better immersion in the Star Wars atmosphere. New main theme.
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