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  1. Bad news. The, site the interactive map upon which I made the map and now painting it has suddenly gone offline. It would increase an amount of time to create the map and number of possible mistakes. Fortunately, I have a base in the form of previous scenario, and made them suggested.
  2. Well, if it is for making your mod more atmospheric, to reveal the Brazilian spirit, you surely can. I think some folk music would be ok here.
  3. How to add province pictures for separate provinces (not depending on their terrain type)?
  4. I have finished adding galactic map features! The difference between the past version of the map is that I decided to make Warp storms less different in color, so they could be either crimson or dark indigo to make it more unified... and pleasant-looking. However, the regions were broken. The only way to restore them is to re-create all regions (sectors) in their order, but I don't remember the order. So this step will be just skipped. And so the 7th Edition scenario shall begin tomorrow! Making the borders would take a time. I think it will be the border-gorest map ever. Here w
  5. Some of these provinces look like swirling afar 🙃
  6. Creating new/editing provinces is possible, however, it's a rather cumbersome procedure because I have no province map in Editor. I am managed to copy and paste province coordinates from update to map_AoC2 text file, and only then editing. I'm planning to reach roughly 5000 provinces one day, but I think it wouldn't be soon. Also I have finished adding Wonders and began to drawing galactic features again. Then, making regions (sectors). And then I will begin making "7th Edition" scenario.
  7. I have finished adding civilizations to the 1st scenario! More to come in "7th Edition" scenario (these would be a splinter factions of big Ork Waaagh!s and Necron dynasties). Next I'm going to add "wonders" (which would make easier to find important Imperial planets) and lost features such as nebulas, Warp storms, star clusters, etc.
  8. I have finished making and adding Dark Eldar, the Tyranids and the Genestealer civilizations as well. Now, the number of civilizations you see outnumbers the stars themselves that number in Star Wars mod! And I'm beginning to make Necrons... Here would be rather a lot of Necron dynasties, somewhere around 30-40 civilizations. I'm going closer to finish this scenarion.
  9. Ork and Eldar factions have been finished. Now I'm busy with Dark Eldar factions. The Kabal's essential government is something middle between Autocracy (because Archon has an unlimited and unchangable power, which is however very challengeable because of Dark Eldar's deceitable nature) and Criminal Organization (because they organize piratical raids into realspace). They are also decadent and serve Slaanesh via torturing and killing their captives as slow as possible. For them, and for Slaaneshi Chaos Space Marines as well, the new type of government was created - Decadent Hierarchy
  10. I can't say an exact date. There is a lot of factions to add. Fortunately, I found a source upon which I will create Ork civilizations. Eldar civilizations also seem to be defined which to make and which to not, however, making Eldar Corsairs would be problematic. Here are also the plenty of Necron civilizations which would take a lot of time to complete. And, I think, Tau Empire would be represented as united (not count the Farsight Enclave), with the cores of non-Tau aliens. I hope I would complete this up to the New Year.
  11. The map has been revived! However, I am managed to draw features such as Eye of Terror, Maelstrom, etc. again, and making regions (sectors) from scratch. BTW I have finished making Chaos factions. Orks are the next. There are 218 civilizations now. Also, Imperium of Man has a lot of alternatives names and flags. For example, with Stratocracy ideology it would call United Citizen Federation, or with Military Dictatorship it could call Commonwealth of Man.
  12. Hello there. I've ended adding galaxy features, and, by the way, I'm busy with making "Warhammer 40,000 Civilizations from Homeworlds" scenario. There are already 100 civilizations/factions for the single Imperium. And not all of them will be featured in this scenario: for example, Chaos or Genestealer cults with uncertain or previously occupied homeworld will be featured in "7th Edition" scenario which will be done after that.
  13. Hello there. I have emerged from the depths of the Warp with good news: finally, the galaxy map has been finished! From the depths of the Warp I brought a dozen of Space Hulks to allow Genestealers and Lacrymoles to thrive, and to Chaos Space Marines to hide from the Imperial justice. Now I'm busy with adding galaxy features, and I will begin from the Eye of Terror.
  14. OK, let's hope that someone else would catch up this idea.
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