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  1. Wanna you make mod game Killzone is take place future post ww3

  2. May the scenario editor bugs be not hindering you.
  3. I work only with PC version. However, if there will be an enthusiast who would port this into Android, it will.
  4. I'm sure you're saying you don't know how to download youtube videos as audio, albeit you promising you'll add the entire soundtrack of LotR and The Hobbit. Just google "youtube to ogg". Do not evade the proposal.
  5. You mean you don't know how to add your own tracks? Or you don't know how to download youtube videos as audio files?
  6. Looks intriguing. Also, did you decided about the soundtrack? No matter yes or no, will be there Summoning tracks?
  7. I decided to add some provinces to make some borders less squarey and strengthen the Ork Empires. There are 5024 provinces now, a dozen more for Ork Empires to come. It was It became https://i.imgur.com/3Iar6tg.png https://i.imgur.com/AAnVn7J.png
  8. "Laziness is constant for it embodies the law of conservation of energy". Author forgotten, taken from Doodle God
  9. The mod is dead because it's finished lol
  10. Try to check the braces, an issues usually come from them for me. This shouldn't be difficult if you have Notepad++ or software like that.
  11. Maybe check the Ages file?
  12. Add Sentinelese tribe in the Modern Day scenario (as a joke and ultimate pro-gamer challenge)
  13. Kittenhux

    Idea for fashion

    I saw something like you describe in 11:59 mod. I'm wondering how did they achieve this and want to adopt this; I suppose this includes coding.
  14. The only probable way to "disable" the possibility of your vassal breaking away is to set a cyclic event that will improve relations with your vassal. You can play with conditions there (for example, enable if your suzerain's happiness is >= 50%).
  15. The bug I described in earlier post is caused not by multiple neutral provinces but by "at war" condition, more precisely - by "NOT" condition. By some reasons, "at war" condition works under "AND" or "OR", but doesn't work under "NOT" condition. I had to remove that. Now I think how to make it so that it would not pop up while you at war.
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