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  1. Chexier


    Yes, just copy map/Earth/scenarios/ww2 into your game folder.
  2. I was a bit dramatic kek, I'm just going to halt development for now.
  3. Chexier


    No, this mod doesn't work on Android. @Shiite Maybe I'll get active again when Lukasz fix this game.
  4. @Shiite @($Jake$) Maybe I'll return developing this mod when the bugs are fixed and workshop is released.
  5. Chexier


    Well, try setting AA to 50%, that can help.
  6. Chexier


    I've already fixed that in the new update, the screenshots are outdated
  7. Chexier


    Update will be launched soon. @Matimele I will be shipping the mod with a README.txt, just wait a little bit.
  8. Chexier


    Eh, I'm going to be inactive.
  9. Chexier


    The mod is not meant for android.
  10. Chexier


    I will give this game a last chance. I will make a quick update for this mod.
  11. Now everything that I did was lost, because I forgot to edit "Age_of_Civilizations" text file. Press F to pay respects. I'm coming back to the game in 2 years, still I will upload Present Day to the workshop. You can copy this entire mod and continue developing it with you want. See you soon.
  12. Now the new update was lost, because I forgot to edit "Age_of_Civilizations" text file. Press F to pay respects. Development is halted for now.
  13. 2019-01-29: I'm uploading the mod. Features that are going to be added: Improved terrain Added realistic growth rates Removed NATO and CSTO, because they were overpowered 2 new scenarios (USA and Brazil) More cities Removed some cities because they were making the province have the wrong capital 4 new songs New leaders for Brazil and USA "Regions" is now "States" and "Continents" is now "Regions" Added states for USA and Brazil Removed bugged syrian rebels. @YuraTheGreat Check it out. Updated README.txt Added a n
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