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  1. Hey man Could you help me ?

    1. Chexier



      I think I deleted something which I shouldn't. Civilizations are messed up in nearly every scenario(UK is at today China), leader are messed up too (Napoleon is leader of USA) game crash often. So if you could send me whole folder of AOC 2 (which is located in  Steam>Steam Apps>common>)


      Thanks in advance. ❤️

      No need for sending the folder, just verify the game files in Steam. Right click AoC2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files

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  2. I'm now a Lord and that apparently removed my ability to post. I already emailed Lukasz about the problem, I hope he fixes it.

  3. Lord

    1. Chexier


      I will rule you all! HAHAHA

      But seriously, what does the "Lord" thing does?

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