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  1. try to make them less *visible* add some transparency or change the color
  2. Looks nice so far, just as one guy before me said, make the rivers less visible good luck
  3. Jesi li napravio vec onu kartu velikog Balkana? Ako da, pošalji poveznicu haha

  4. but Norvvagen is just a suggestion so no one can take credit/you can't convince that someone took credit
  5. I mean that whole "backround" saga for everyone's good so it doesn't repeat
  6. I am REALLY excited about this If Norrvagen is looking so good, I can't imagine Addon+ 2.0 but @Reich I'd suggest you to protect the files, because you know what happened with addon+
  7. There is already an active mod about HoI4 but I cannot stop you 😕 Keep it going
  8. I love how you slightly change the UI and it still looks really refreshing, nice!
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