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  1. try to make them less *visible* add some transparency or change the color
  2. Looks nice so far, just as one guy before me said, make the rivers less visible good luck
  3. pretty nice will addon's background be included or not?
  4. but Norvvagen is just a suggestion so no one can take credit/you can't convince that someone took credit
  5. I mean that whole "backround" saga for everyone's good so it doesn't repeat
  6. I am REALLY excited about this If Norrvagen is looking so good, I can't imagine Addon+ 2.0 but @Reich I'd suggest you to protect the files, because you know what happened with addon+
  7. There is already an active mod about HoI4 but I cannot stop you 😕 Keep it going
  8. I love how you slightly change the UI and it still looks really refreshing, nice!
  9. Barut Kegs Funny name right? This mod was started a while ago,but I stopped it because I didn't had time for it and I worked on it slowly on side. I can show you the provinces I've drawn for this time,but in lower resolution in case someone steals it. 8934 Provinces in total. This mod will include detailed scenarios the Balkan and the Middle East I've drawn a height map and coloured map,so the background will be done soon. I also should finish the provinces fast,because I don't have much left. Leave your thoughts and proposals down.
  10. @orcacraft888Could you send a more zoomed screenshot into the provinces,the mod looks awesome I wanna see have you made the provinces good enough (example,the ultimate map has a lot of bugs and mistakes)
  11. @Reich Can you at least release the mod,with or without events It would be really bad if you throw all your work just like that The mod looks awesome and it should be released
  12. you can use xbox's screen recorder,you can also screenshot with it,every windows 10 has it (but the quality is very bad) or maybe you can use bandicam,it's very practical and I use it
  13. AWESOME gonna play this for sure *even tho I am not Nordic*
  14. bruh he even said thanks to ya yeah,but do you know that the sea province around won't make sense after? Because the deleted part of the province background is still owned by the province,just it won't be colored in the scenarios
  15. Bruh,don't get me wrong,but those aren't the shapes of the islands Just trying to help ya
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