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  1. So.. Will it have something special since its smaller map?
  2. Some changes in the UI and a new font(the one I had before was missing some symbols as "+" and "%"
  3. Gonna rework the new UI again will do it til I get it perfect Also new vid coming when I finish Turkey and Central Europe cya til then
  4. soo,the map is like black? if so then aoc2 doesnt support maps that are fully just black&white if the map isnt black&white and it still doesnt show then the res is may too big
  5. I am familiar with this stuff,just want to know,the province is being created as a file but its not int he map editor right? If thats the thing then your anitvirus is blocking the editor to make changes in the text file that has the points,so just open the province and copy whats in there,then paste it in the text file(dont forget to remove the ":" that seperates two lines) Just simply make the antivirus scan the editor so it will allow it to make changes(or if you use avast then after making 2-3 provinces like that it will appear and scan it automaticly) after that its gonna work just fine.
  6. you can find it basicly everywhere,go to the first post
  7. Just join the discord server,therer are more informations
  8. The main dev wont work til the end of the holidays
  9. dude this is easy,up left you can see points of your country and your allies,just click on them,you can use theirs
  10. I am going to finish the whole Balkan today,and later I will take Central Europe,quick remind that soon the Beta will be out Also,what do you think about adding the HoI4 soundtrack?
  11. kokakolabrooooo


    Tho in the video its clearly explained,I guess he didnt turned much attention to stuff as that
  12. kokakolabrooooo


    Hey mate,I am here for help so check my tutorial in the tutorials forum,maybe it's gonna help,hope you find it useful
  13. Recently I thought of something,I need little help.Though,I already have some people helping me for small stuff,like flags,ideas,and stuff like governments.So I need someone that already has experience with like everything,I need someone that will be able to understand how am I working on the maps and stuff.So,contact me here or add me on discord antzz#8665. Here are two mods that I am making: -A Hearts of Iron 4 mod -A Balkan,North Africa,Middle East,Italy and some of Central Europe mod
  14. So,when you first open the map,the provinces wont be in your scale.Just reopen the same map(no need to close the game). And update the provinces.
  15. The mod isnt finished(and it will be downloadable for android),and thanks for your suggestion,I know that there are much people from south america here so I would like to make something for them.But youll have to wait a bit,at least until I finish the beta for one of my mods.
  16. Well,check if you have some empty province files,cuz when you click enter without set points the editor creates an empty province,and those doesn't work ingame
  17. The background is fully reworked and in doubled size because that resolution before wasnt good enough for the provinces,so now I am reworking the provinces. I am free these days so I will jump on
  18. with an extractor that you can find everywhere
  19. I need someone to test the progress from time to time and tell me whats good and whats bad.If anyone wants to just ask me and I will send link from the discord server,or if you are already in ping me.
  20. So now I am drawing provinces(not in the map editor). Planning to get everything ready,please send me some maps or map sources so I can make every border possible,thanks!
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