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  1. Although as you people know with hoi4 provinces some scenarios cant be done,so i will fix provinces in some places
  2. kokakolabrooooo

    Stolen Iron

    STOLEN IRON Hi,this mod is focused on HoI4's map,but the main goal of this mod isn't just the map,but events.I will give informations after this post,this is just an announcement. (although,the mod World+ has bigger map,as i said this isn't a mod focused clearly just on the map!) Soon I will give the first information! (one of my mods was canceled,and this is the reason,i hope it was worth it) I forgot to say,there will be some divided provinces like in the Middle East to make some borders more accurate
  3. hey,i just want you to know that the mod is going a bit slow,since i had some x problems,but its still alive,yes maybe i can make some stuff but this mod is more focused on new universe,i have other plans for anime(they will be in the mod for sure) but they wont be as seperate nation(maybe in later versions) and i also wanna say that the first version of the mod wont actually have that much provinces,again cuz of some x reasons also sure,here is a link https://discord.gg/HqEASv8 (this one never expires) and in the server we can talk more
  4. why did you made different topic for 1.1 version
  5. MOD canceled,sorry but i have to announce this,the mod is canceled cuz of x reasons,i hope you will understand
  6. wow,btw i am antzz yeah mostly of your followers are turks so they want anything what you do wouldnt it be better if you just make world+with events?-instead of making seperate thing and you dont really have the right to say that you are the biggest group of the community,since its mostly dead and the best developers made what they had dont be so rude pls,really it isnt really good way to communicate on internet.... i thought you are a better person
  7. here is a video i made about events
  8. man you seriously dont care what people think and what people want,describing the fact that mods are for the community anyway do whatever you want then....
  9. but it would be better if instead of making seperate evented,remastered mod just making world+ the best thing ever imagine world+ with all these stuff,that mod would kick all similar mods out
  10. it would be a LOT better if you finish world+ then update it with some x stuff like scenarios,events and smaller maps in my opinion fow sucks i am sorry
  11. So,here is another announce next annoucement will be when i finish whole italy 615 provinces
  12. why didnt you asked in the same post you had ahh just you need good relation and it isnt really common(which makes sense) its rare
  13. Yeah aristorel(upside down) it will make it more realistic,we arent adding just more provinces,we are adding more of everything it will be more atmospheric,and for you people who doesnt know how to play strategy games,go play roblox
  14. I dont know for an alliance,but once Netherlands offered me a union so if ai can offer union it should be able to offer alliance
  15. i agree here,the AI's non-intelligence makes probs in everything
  16. yes there is a way,its the same for new countries Go and find your flag online Then just resize it(you know like all other flags are in the folders "flags" and "flagsH" After that just find which is the tag of Ohio(go ingame,not in the files,editor,then game editor,then game civilizations and just write ohio,you will see the tag) Then go to the game folder,and add the flags with for example if ohio's tag is "ohi" and you want to add communist flag you should make the flags "ohi_m" thats it
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