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  1. Yugoslavian MOD WIP What this mod includes Map of Yugoslavia(ALL COUNTRIES ARE DIVIDED BY ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS)-There is a lot greater map of Balkan by @Jankovich A LOT of scenarios A LOT of new civilizations A LOT more formable civilizations New UI based on some reddish colors Planning on adding some wonders Maybe adding an new government if needed I need somebody to create events,if ya want them in No sea provinces I am not sure so imma let that on you guys.Not sure,do you guys want new music?-imma make poll.Also i need people for translation in languages:Serbian,Croatian and Slovenian. TELL ME what you think and tell me your suggestions here u can just follow the progress https://discord.gg/8kWd93 70 provinces DONE!
  2. will there be more cores,i mean more realistic cores
  3. no i dont,but imma reccomend you something,just follow the tutorial second by second and youll see,cuz that was what i was doing
  4. Macedonian language for this game,this gonna be out soon,i would like to see support to know if my work is worth.Greetings Македонски јазик за оваа игра,ќе биде излезено наскоро,би сакал да видам поддршка за да знам дека мојот труд ќе вреди.Поздрав. UPDATE First fille is edited,the easiest one for the loading screen,now i am on half with the main game bundle,last one will be civilizations bundle,i see no support UPDATE 2 Imma stop this cuz i see no interest
  5. oh and i wanted to ask is there a chance of fall of yugoslavia?
  6. yeah bro and it crashed to me at the start but i was trying and trying...and now it works,always i had a small mistake,so idk what to say
  7. magic,магия,магија
  8. amazing,are you guys planning on balkan focused mod?
  9. how can i does not work for some and work for some if they have done the same thing
  10. just suggestion,city of neum bosnia and herzegovina is just 20km on sea
  11. guys every problem you have is a small miss,you just have to follow the video
  12. its a total new version ADDON 2.0,they can work half hour in a day and it would be enough there is a time for everything
  13. can u just draw left provinces and then give it
  14. i wanted to ask,it would be really cool if you add more cores,real cores for every scenario,like for example in ottoman empire so if it falls down rebels can create needed countries
  15. i didnt even started working cuz nobody is interested,i need help with events,but normally and somebody who can translate it
  16. its not that much weaker check military power of both,ik its weak but not that weaker than albania
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