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  1. can u just draw left provinces and then give it
  2. i wanted to ask,it would be really cool if you add more cores,real cores for every scenario,like for example in ottoman empire so if it falls down rebels can create needed countries
  3. i didnt even started working cuz nobody is interested,i need help with events,but normally and somebody who can translate it
  4. its not that much weaker check military power of both,ik its weak but not that weaker than albania
  5. soon will be a beta version with a lot of features missing current version is
  6. good just make sure there will be a lot stuff cuz there is a rly good europe map so your map can be installed more
  7. yeah but he has stuff to do since he lives alone,one other guy writes a book,people on discord most of em are waiting
  8. ok bro you are sarcastic,sooooooooorrry cuz i accused you,sorry cuz i was writing comments,sorry cuz i said things to you,sorry cuz i hate negativity,sorry cuz i said you have bad sense of humor,sorry cuz i exist(is it enough?idk how to full you up)Common write your last comment after me cuz you want soooooooooooooo much,and remember spread love and positivity,greetings from balkan
  9. i said that yeh and then added another comment,i didnt wanted the last word you have said to giannis "i am dont saying this but i wont stop until he stops".Plus that "yeh"was cuz you said i am not continuing,i mean like i said bro ok if we continue we wont end,after that you didnt had to answer,but you answered"isnt hard to admit that you are wrong",if i am wrong for something you are too for sure cuz i didnt insulted you and you did insulted me which is bad
  10. this one is like half moon which dont make sense,but ok your project,good idea have a luck
  11. can you add one more province in north macedonia,it will be to weak against albania,its easy to do it in the editor
  12. Hey i am planning on making scenarios with events,maybe some small maps of some countries and translating the game in some languages,you are welcome
  13. hey i guess cuz of name you are from the balkan,greetings from macedonia
  14. agree but why did you censured last fuck and not other ones
  15. good but you could find better map
  16. hey i shared this with kerems and why not with you,if there is a map with more provinces than normal earth map,i normal map it takes you 1 week to go from one to another provinces so in your map should be less like 1-2days
  17. the answer of this is up there,destroy me on net?you are really in some movie with this phrases,i can give uo and i tried several times but you are a kid who wants the last word
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