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  1. and also it isnt always in the same 1-4 provinces,sometimes is more(i had a situation) they will be able to since their provinces at the start are and "occupation" so they will just spread,if they get indenpendet,the AI automaticly disbands their troops,aand also,do you think there wasnt bordergore in history?
  2. an entire country to rebel wouldnt make any sense,they just need more people to rebel and not just 100,thats it
  3. So people,I made a small submod,if you dont have Bloody Europe II then you wont be able to try this What this adds? One new province between Serbia and Croatia(small province) And a new civilization in Modern World,that is Liberland(a micro nation) So the province is specially added for Liberland,its growth rate is 2% and the terrain is Plains here you can download this Liberland Submod.zip
  4. South Italy is officialy done,now i will go for finishing whole italy,then we go to the next country,i think turkey and then we will jump on balkan ones (every province is ingame now) (i restarted some stuff just because some historical borders weren possible,now they are)
  5. man,i had the same idea,but it wont really work in game sadly,as the guy above said isnt really good idea,anyway its your choice
  6. that is small and a bit wrong map but continue idk what to say
  7. the release date isnt known for know but i am working on 2 others so please be patient,join the discord server you have link up there,i give more informations there then here
  8. you just mixed custom civilizations and game civilizations
  9. you just simply connect the two parts if its easier for you like that,then just find good editor,edit it and just split it in two again
  10. for now its ok,but later maybe i will announce need for help in the discord server and please dont call me kokakola,call me antzz
  11. PEOPLE,tell me down how much events do you want for beta version
  12. first each ideology has to be seperate country and then you can change leaders like usually
  13. new ui will be added too (idk why is the thumbnail so bad,but the quality is 720p) pls subscribe to my channel it would help me a lot(cuz i am making 2 other mods so you should stay tuned)
  14. pozz iz makedonije,al ono ima dosta nas sa balkana,video sam puno ljudi
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